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    Signing in from the 808 State

    wassup, 808 rep. good luck on getting a car for your gear. aloha
  2. brenzbmr

    Im a noobie on here

    welcome and im a noob too on this forum.
  3. brenzbmr

    Sundown show off in Hawaii

    yup i played with one on a ssx treo 15, the amp saz3000d beat down the arc audio 4k amp he had on it. we did the swap out and i was amazed with the ouput. ill probably do something and use 8 of those 3000d some time next year....................... booommmmmmmm trying to find the woofer ill need.
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    from one newbie to another aloha...........
  5. brenzbmr

    been lurking for a while

    Alpine-Scan D2904/6000wow i always wanted those mids and highs i do have two pairs of the 6022gx which is the one after the scan set(iirc)...and i do have one mid but i dont know where i put it.. nice system oh and car.
  6. brenzbmr

    been lurking for a while

    been registered for a while just been lurking, like the forum and wanna join in the fun. many alohas.
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    been lurking for a while

    dave edwards, hmmmmm i guess will find out when i get a pm but i still have 2 mq430, 2 ms250, 2 ms275 with my five rev b ms2125s, yeah they are all the same boards, its been taking me for ever to get rev b boards, just like these better then the later revisions. got my last two from the neatherlands..guy has a crap load of ms amps.. aloha and thanks for the comment about the isntall its not done yet..
  8. brenzbmr

    been lurking for a while

    thanks again....
  9. brenzbmr

    been lurking for a while

    thanks, i been doing car audio for a long time since the 80s i used to work and run a shop in my area and i quit 4 years ago and kinda faded out of it. i have been really interested in alot of the new sub lines coming out and SI,RE, FI seem to be the next subs for me to try. Now i have first hand played with SI and RE and i really like the magnum series from si and also there is some re woofers that are impressive. my favorite time period for car audio would be late 80s and mid ninities, my favorite brand at that time was Phoenix gold. the ms and zpa amps were the ones i sought after and actually i still have the one ms2125 i bought way back in 91. i still have a thing for oldschool car audio gear.. here is a pic of the four i have the fifth one is in my car. i am working on finishing the cover panel for the trunk.. i have kinda tapered off of doing car audio and just kinda only do easy jobs and custom stuff is to a minimum. i may get heavy back into it because i always wanted to build a wall in my other car and i now actually found amps and woofers that i wanna use. well see. probably next year ill start the design of this system. i find this forum to be very civilized compared to the other ones and i will like to frequent this new home alot more
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    btl 18'' fully loaded problem

  11. brenzbmr

    been lurking for a while

    hey johneconn, i used live in arizona when i was a kid.............my back yard was a desert... kinda liked riding go karts out there.