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  1. slappers

    help on box for s10 please

    I've got an s10 too. Sub up port up on the passenger side went crazy for me. Plus I could put my hand over the port. It seemed louder to the ear that way too. I feel it more when the subs are facing my back and port up on passenger side. Hope that helps...
  2. slappers

    Stetsom 1k5h test

    r these amps able to run at higher volts? say around 16.5??
  3. slappers

    What enclosure for my Icon?

    with the small box recommendation, would it be better for him to run 12 or 16 in per cubes of opening? I figured the 16" opening will help with the lows?? the downfall would be a longer port, but I'm curious too..
  4. slappers

    Which amp for my subs

    The 4000's aren't meant 4 daily but the 3000's and down are. They are great amps!!! I have two of the 3500.1 for a few years now and have never had any problems. They are also ultra efficient. Mine only need a 200 amp fuse for the 2700 watts rms that it puts out. The only negative is that it doesn't have a ssf, but for raw power in a small package, you can't beat it!!!! There was a comparison done between mmats and sundown amps, with mmats just edging it out on an earlier forum. Mmats engineered class D amps and have been in the game for a long time they have amps that are .5 ohm stable, but which ever amp u get, (sd or mmats) theyre going to be BEASTS!!!!!!
  5. slappers

    xcon recone

    Does mark also recone subs from other companies??
  6. slappers

    re xxx recone

    I have the newer re xxx that needs a recone and was wondering if I could get it reconed to a 18" or 21" ia death penalty? I'd hate to pay re that much for a recone for only a 12..... if it was a 15 or 18, i would have already done it. thanks for any replies
  7. slappers

    RD Alpha v2 15 vs. new RE XXX 15

    Forgot to mention that the reconed XXX I got back from re audio/ Greg/ usampfreak never worked!!!!! I'm just gunna send it into PAP and see what they can do with it..... I would still buy a us amps amp, but subs...... HELL NO
  8. slappers

    RD Alpha v2 15 vs. new RE XXX 15

    I wouldn't support either product. Customer service sucks on both companies!!!! I have stated b4 on this forum that I had a 12" XXX reconed and it took months to get back. I have credit at a store that sells re audio, so I bought the NEW XXX 15 that was supposed to be at the ces on Jan 10, I believe.... It's feb 15 and I still haven't received it...... Rd has never answered my phone calls or responded to my emails..... You can buy re audio on ebay for pretty cheap, if you look at the XXX, there are alot of refurbs.... Just like kicker and mtx's which I would never buy again..... Like others said on this forum, get a product from this store that has been proven..... Just state it you want it to get low or just loud since SQ is all preference.....
  9. slappers

    XS Power items

    Hows the wife?? Hope shes good!!!
  10. slappers

    battery question?

    FU%^&*G Jay Cee Where in the F were you when I was reading all of this crap info for the last couple of weeks??? LMFAO Thank you very much for informing me and letting me know that I wasted two weeks of my life reading and researching for nothing!!!! HAHAHA Much thanks for almost wasting $$$
  11. slappers

    battery question?

    I read on optima's website that said watts/volts=ah so 2000/12=166.67 So I would look for a battery that has somewhere around 150 ah or amp hours. When you are driving your car, it will be at 14.4 volts so 2000/14.4=138.89 Somewhere in the middle should be gud. Its always better to have to much than not enough. Also deep cycle and a high cca (2000 and above) Hope this helps
  12. slappers

    10s 12s or 15

    the Fi 15" SSD sealed is not recommended..... I'm kinda liking the Sa 12 ported. I know Fi is gud. I bought a 15"Q years ago for my lil cuz that got stolen..... but between the SA12 and Fi ssd 12, which would get louder and handle the aq best??? Ported of course...
  13. slappers

    10s 12s or 15

    I would understand the 4 10's being choked, but the sealed box recommendations is 2cubes for the 15. So I don't understand how the 15 would be choked?? Not trying to argue, just trying to understand I looked at ia's website for the 15 and it also said 1.8 to 2 cubes sealed.. Thanks again
  14. slappers

    10s 12s or 15

    no epicenter, but the 1 SA 12 would be louder than the phoenix golds? I know ported gives more output, but the extra driver would cover that right? My buddy bought the aq amp off of our other friend that had it paired with the aq hdc in a 2.5 ported box tuned to 40. How would the SA sub sound compared to the aq hdc? Thanks for the quick response!!!
  15. slappers

    10s 12s or 15

    My buddy has 2cubes available in the back/trunk of an old school vette. What would give him the best overall sound out of 4 re rex10's, 2 pg rsdc12's, or a jl audio, or re se 15? All sealed off of an audioque1200.1? He listens to alot of spanish and a lil bit of rap. Big three upgraded and a decent battery under the hood lol I figured it would be the 12's bcuz the 10 wouldn't be able to get low do to the amount of air space, .5 cubes is recommended. And the 12's have more surface area than the 15. Thanks for any advice. budget is around $200 And I guess a ia 187 12's or a 15??