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  1. cerob

    Signing In Again

    I told you when you retired a few years ago, that I would eventually get you back into the sport in one way or another. lol
  2. And here are the dates that the guys at Northern Music & Video are going to hold shows in Potsdam, NY. I took this from their forum: Here are the dates for the Thunder in the Park '05 Series this year. Sunday, May 22nd. *Registration starts at 10am. *Show starts at 11am. *Registration is $15.00 Sunday, July 17th. *Registration starts at 10am. *Show starts at 11am. *Registration is $15.00. Sunday, September 25th. *Registration starts at 10 am. *Show starts at 11 am. *Registration is $15.00 Stay tuned for more updates as time goes by I'm sure that we will be adding features to the events!
  3. Well thaks to McVay in Oswego we finally have some "local" shows scheduled for the 2005 competition season for IASCA. The first show is on March 27th, with one show a month all the way up to the month of October. I don't know about the rest of you guys but since I was unable to accrue enough points towards Finals last season, I just can't wait to get back into the lanes this season. For a list of the IASCA Events just click IASCA Event Calender
  4. cerob

    2005 Competitors

    I will be in IASCA Stk 2, unless I decide to move up to ADV NW and get mr arse kicked at every show by McVay.
  5. Unfortunately due to some extenuating circumstances this year's event has been POSTPONED!!!!!! The Clayton Chamber of Commerce has postponed this year's Clayton Classic Car Show. Since the show is put on in conjunction with the Classic Car Show, we have to postpone the Clayton Car Stereo Show. We will be in close talks with the Clayton Chamber of Commerce and see when they will decide on a new date for the Classic Car Show, when we get a new date for the show I let everyone know and we will try to have it then.
  6. cerob

    Starting off

    I will try to get a pic or 2 up within a few days so that everyone can see it.
  7. cerob

    Starting off

    Yes today Hart is make by Kove. This sub is actually about 8-10 years old. I was made way before Kove ever bought the name from them. Basically after that company went under, Kove decided to buy the name from them so that hey could have that name to use as a lower level brand of products. Kind of like what Memphis does with Depth Charge. The only thing that this subs has in common with the new company owened by Kove is the name, that's about it.
  8. cerob

    Poke in my nose

    Man you get a few minutes near a computer you just decide to go post crazy don't you???
  9. cerob

    Winter shows??

    I know that the guys in Potsdam at Northern Music & Video did 4 winter shows this year, but I was just wondering if anyone was going to do that again this year, or are they going to try to kind of synchonize them with the other shops in the area that are going to be putting on shows?? I mean I know the guys at NM&V will put on their shows, I am sure that Ultimate Edge will do their shows again next season, I know that peteyglad and myself will be doing shows in conjunction with Happy Ear nest year. Just wondering if anyone was doing the winter shows again.
  10. cerob

    Clayton 2003

    The reason that the show is free this year, is because we are doing certificates, and we want a HUGE turnout this year. We will be selling some refreshments at the show, and there are public restrooms just about a block and a half away so you won't have to go very far from the action. Of course you have the battle for the Team Cup going on again this year. All points earned will be going towards 2004's point total, so this just helps get everyone points for next year not to mention it kinda becomes the final show for us up here so it becomes the place to settle grudges and battles for the year. Come on out and compete at the show, you will see a lot of the competitors from the area, you will see a couple of vehicles that will be atending the DB Drag World Finals this year, so it will be a blast!!!! Our goal is over 50 copmetitors this year so come on out and helps us meet this goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any questions or problems just email me cerob@verizon.net
  11. cerob

    where is peteyglad

    I did. He also says hi, he will post on here in the near future, he just has to get some time set aside to come over and hop on the net.
  12. cerob

    Sig Test

    Test 2
  13. cerob

    still adding new forum's

    I third this suggestion, I think that it would make for a great addition to the forum, plus it is a lot easier for people to see your install, rather than just trying to get a picture of it in their minds from words on a forum. Chris
  14. cerob


    Yeah there are a lot of people that are using Memphis this year. A big reason for that is becuse when RF dropped "Shaker" from Team RF, he went to Team Memphis Force. That made a lot of people open there eyes when it comes to Memphis. Plus Memphis now has their line of Mojo amps and subs that are alot closer in price to some of the more popular spl oriented subs. That helps as well.