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  1. Well I already have the box built and want to seal off everything around it now
  2. I was wondering if anyone could help on a the best way to approach walling my truck off I have 2 18" zcons facing forward and the port forward and I want to wall it off I was thinking getting cardboard and getting the outline of the rest of the space that I need sealed off and putting it on some mdf and cutting it out but I can't think of how I would attach that piece to my box without wood gluing it so if anyone could help ibwould appreciate it
  3. I had a single 18" bl and this is alot louder
  4. Hello everyone I've had the zcons for a few weeks now I got 2 18" zcons on a sundown 5000d my build log is in the build log forum if your interested but the zcons are pretty great so far I plan to mess with the amp a little today I haven't had much time to lately but as of right now these things are crazy loud but they are slightly peaky but that might be more to do with the box design than the subs here is a status I seen the other day after I gave some friends a demo
  5. After paint
  6. And the sub box soon to be wrapped in black leather
  7. The zcon box before I painted it
  8. There we go I got it well instead of making another topic this is what I seen on Facebook after giving a few freiends a demo of the zcons
  9. http://i1324.photobucket.com/albums/u618/rowdyful7/Mobile%20Uploads/Screenshot_2014-03-17-17-48-15_zps1e4lnadk.png
  10. I'll get photobucket it use to let me just upload by clicking more reply options and clicking upload photo
  11. My phone won't let my upload pictures is it just my phone or is something wrong with the website?
  12. Oh sorry 2 18s