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  1. BigBodyLexus

    Sundown SCV-4000D Amp Dyno Test

    I can see one of these on a pair of Zv4 15's
  2. BigBodyLexus

    165+ dB Testing @ Sundown

    Can we get a 170dB?
  3. BigBodyLexus

    18" frames

    Will the Zv3's utilize the new frames or will they keep the ones they have now?
  4. BigBodyLexus

    Z v.4 12 / 15 / 18 -- Parameters and Photos

    I think I should put 6 of the Zv4 15's in a 4th order for next season
  5. BigBodyLexus

    Don't call it a come back!

    Hey BJ, I have this Suburban that will have 4 Sundown Audio SA-12's, we'll talk
  6. BigBodyLexus

    ETA on comps being back in stock?

    I need 2 sets ASAP
  7. BigBodyLexus

    Sketchup work in progress, SAZ1500D.

    that looks really good
  8. BigBodyLexus

    Sundown : New 2012 Stuff

    I'm looking forward to the "X" line
  9. BigBodyLexus

    X-12 prototype box built and installed

    Maybe I missed it but when are these coming out?
  10. BigBodyLexus

    SA-12 SQ Review from DIYMA

    That's the same thing I said
  11. BigBodyLexus

    SAZ1500 V.2 issue

    That's why I run Sundown Audio equipment, Jacob is the best when it comes to keeping the customers satisfied
  12. BigBodyLexus

    4x SA-8s + CRX -- Part II

    That looks awesome
  13. BigBodyLexus

    Z v.3 Production Motor Photos

    So the 3500D should be a perfect match for 2 12's?
  14. BigBodyLexus

    Specs for Z v3

    The Z v3's aren't out yet but the Z v2's are badass, I definitely want the Z's, simply because I'm more into daily than I am competing, if I was solely chasing numbers I would go with Nightshades. I've never had any SI subs. What I can say is I was VERY impressed with my SA-12's so I know the Z's won't let me down.
  15. BigBodyLexus

    Upgraded to a SAZ-3500d

    I'm afraid so, I guess he's never tasted Sundown Audio before