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  1. Porchpup

    My Sundown Powered SQ System

    I have tossed around a lot of ideas so something like that did cross my mind. By adding the 50.4 to my existing set-up it allows me several options. Not to mention the "Flash" that four amps will add to the install.
  2. Porchpup

    My Sundown Powered SQ System

    That is correct.
  3. Porchpup

    My Sundown Powered SQ System

    Sorry...I don't know what I was thinking. Will this one do? Just one pair of L1's.
  4. Porchpup

    My Sundown Powered SQ System

    I received my 50.4 today and it is beautiful as always. So now my new build will consist of... 1200D for my Subs. 100.4 bridged for my Mid-Bass. 50.4 bridged for my Mid-Range. 100.2 for my Tweets. Front stage is a HAT L-631 running active via Alpine H701. You think I have enough headroom?
  5. Porchpup

    SAX-50.4 Pre-Order

    I'm in at the last moment. You're killing me Jacob but 160+ to my mid-bass is well worth it. After seeing your pictures...I'm just doing my part to try and fatten you up.
  6. Porchpup


    I'm still looking to get one more 2 channel amp. Should I get the 100.2 for $239 or the 125.2 for $210? Wow this one is going to be rough.....What should I do?
  7. Porchpup

    Jacob You Got To Be Kidding Me...

    Well this is the best I could do with it being dark outside and the way my amp rack is set up. My 100.2 on top, 100.4 in the middle and the new 1200D on the bottom.
  8. You told me that my SAE-1200D would not go "Thump" when powering down and you held true to that. Absolutely no noise what so every. It is perfect and for that, I thank you. BUT....as for the power rating I have to call BS. No way no how. I turned this thing on and it scared the chit out of me. I'm running two sealed 12" TC-9's and I thought they were going to fly out of the box. I had always felt happy with my Hifonics 1606D with it's 1600 watt rating but this 1200 puts it to shame. I was running the Hifonics at 3/4 gain and the 1200D is at 1/3 gain and I'm still turning my processor levels down. With my upgraded Alternator my voltage stays at 14.4 even at an idle so I know this puppy is producing much more than 1200 watts. As always I am more than impressed and extremely happy with this purchase. Maybe you should put a warning label on this one for those of us with weak hearts. Damn good job my man.
  9. Porchpup

    SAE-1200D PRE-ORDER OPEN - $350

    Got mine today. It will be going in this weekend. I sure hope it doesn't go "thump" when I turn the system off.
  10. Porchpup

    SAE-1200D PRE-ORDER OPEN - $350

    Jacob is the KING of customer service. He knows the problem I have with my shipment and has fixed it without having to explain anything. Thanks Jacob, I see you are on top of things.
  11. Porchpup

    SAE-1200D PRE-ORDER OPEN - $350

    I'm finally in. Oh boy I can't wait. Hurry, hurry, hurry.
  12. Porchpup

    SAE-1200D PRE-ORDER OPEN - $350

    Jacob do you have the Dims for this amp. I know we may have discussed this before but I'd like to know what they ended up being in real life.
  13. Porchpup

    SAE-1200D PRE-ORDER OPEN - $350

    Oh I'm damn sure in. I must have this amp to complete the full Sundown Audio powered SQ vehicle. I know your forte is SPL but there is at least one vehicle winning local comps in SQ with Sundown amps. I'm a little short on cash right now but I'll find a way to get it so put me down for one.
  14. Porchpup

    SAE-1200D Pricing Set

    I simply must have one! Been waiting for this since you first announced them. Just hope I can afford one when you get them. What's the latest ETA?