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  1. Saw that...May be an OK deal, but I think I can find more for my money...
  2. Alright, I'll do some more looking around, thanks!
  3. Dave88LX

    Backup camera options

    I see they just released the ND-BC6. Looking for more info on it now. Can't seem to find a whole lot.
  4. Thanks for the input Aaron. I'll continue to scour the classifieds for one of those. Most likely one of the ones in my initial post I guess, unless someone has any other ones I should also look at (high quality/used).
  5. I just didn't want to put too much into it, have an issue, and be hung out because they were improperly powered. I have heard that the 750w is a pretty conservative rating on these though.
  6. Does anyone recall what it was running during the Black Friday sale? I didn't even check. Just curious.
  7. That bad boy is 2250 x 1... I thought you wanted the capability of producing more so you aren't maxing out/taxing the amp; but is there a threshold of how far over?
  8. Going to want something sooner...Pre-Order Yours! Arrives 31st Jan 2013
  9. A pair of 4-ohm DVC GCONs are on the way. I'd like to think that up to $300 could get me into a decent quality 1-ohm stable amp to drive these. I have a run of 1/0 OFC to power this. I know what the numbers say, but you guys know the real world on what I could/should use to power these. Prefer to buy something used/taken care of; I think I can get more for my money that way. Looking around, some options that I *think* would be good are Soundstream (Reference), Audioque, Sundown Audio, Crescendo...probably a bunch of others. Just looking for some guidance. If it's been hashed out already, please point me there while I search!
  10. Dave88LX

    Backup camera options

    The newer Pioneer CMOS or previous CCD? I assume you've seen a few different ones? Thanks for the input so far...
  11. Dave88LX

    Backup camera options

    Forgive me if this is in the wrong section, I figured "General" was most appropriate, feel free to move if it's not, just don't flame me too hard. Yes, I know this has nothing to do with sound! With that said, I want to add a backup camera onto my truck for my Pioneer AVIC-Z120BT. I'm overwhelmed with the amount of options out there. I believe CCD gives a better image than CMOS. Just not sure even where to start and what to look for, if anyone is experienced in this department. I mean, Christ. Look at it. Same amount of options at Al & Ed's, SonicElectronix, Pacific, WoofersEtc, etc. http://www.al-eds.com/Back-upForward-facing-Cameras-c439.html Thanks.