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  3. Current NSPL records for the 2011 season can be found here. http://audioforum.termpro.com/topic/28/1393.html
  4. In NSPL, clamped power classes do not have any subwoofer limitations.
  5. I'm not one for the useless bickering nonsense. Lets keep this constructive. Please tell us more details about your experience with "insane power compression" and it's effect on your spl/watt. More importantly tell us why a yourself as a competitor would inefficiently overdrive your subs beyond their optimal performance per watt in a class that solely based on spl/watt? And what kind of differences have you seen with the "massive fluctuations" when testing real time vs peak hold?
  6. Cheating can be done in any organization. I believe you quoted the wrong thing. A response like that makes me feel leary about how people's conscious really is when competing... And what are you talking about? I never said anything about complaining about rules? What rules are u even talking about, not that i even care... So far everything you've been saying has been complaining about the rules of competition for these orgs that clamp power using terms like "that is UNFAIR". If you don't care about these rules or competitions then why are you in here ranting about them? You take things too seriously for some reason. An example is laid out and you think i'm complaining about a setup that i supposedly own, lmao... Sorry.. but u are WAY misunderstanding now.. I haven't misunderstood anything. You're examples were a bunch of nonsense. You didn't even understand that you can't use more than 3600w in a 3600w class. You're talking in circles and contradicting yourself. I'm simply correcting your misinformation. And like i said now for what.. the 3rd time? Just wait til i post up my own numbers and prove what is happening. You may want to absorb some knowledge from this forum rather than going against it. I don't need to wait for your testing cause I've already done it. You should do your own personal testing 1st before jumping online and acting like you know what you're talking about cause you obviously don't. There is nothing here for me to absorb. Certainly not going to learn anything from a bunch of online e-know-it-alls who haven't actually done it for themselves. You've made the perfect example here of why so many real competitors don't get on these forums. Cause we hate it when silly e-know-it-all noobs who've never actually done it try to argue with us about stuff they have no clue about. measurements are done for SPL which measures peak from amps... If you knew anything about how pressure sensors measure pressure.. here is a secret- These sensors do not read in split second peaks !!!!! Yep that's right... They do not. They take multiple samples per second and average them together in realtime and give you your score. 1.5-2 full seconds is ideal to get your best score if time is a concern( like running in a fused class) So, peak readings are.. pointless. Now you're putting words in my mouth and trying to make it more complicated than it is. Nobody said anything about "split second peaks". I'm very aware of how the meters work. Going into any more detail of how the spl software takes it's measurements is irrelevant. In competition it's a PEAK spl score to match the PEAK clamped power. And why are my readings fluctuating? hmm., obviously it's not because of my electrical? Why must you assume i'm measuring my own setup? I don't know exactly why your measurements are fluctuating but, as I said, if they are "massive" fluctuations (as you put it) then something is wrong with what you're doing. All I can do is guess and I did with the most likely cause of "massive" fluctuations which is poor electrical. Assumptions almost always lead to the wrong answer and in your case, it did. So then what is the issue as to why you're incorrectly seeing these "massive" fluctuations? ANY setup i have ever measured is like this.. it's common sense or at least it is for me since it's as common as fillin up your tank when it's low on gas. We don't live in a theory based world, real world has variables. Now, i do not know why you tried to change this topic over to try and virtually attack examples with false assumptions but i am trying to help you all understand that you are actually putting out less power which would be a good thing i would have thought.. Now it's done been blown out of proportion which makes no sense to me... The topic is about Danny setting a record in his class. You felt the need to come in here and go on & on about how these competitions are all wrong. You changed the topic, not me. I'm simply correcting all the misinformation you're putting out there.
  7. Please elaborate as to how many variables there are. It's really simple how everything works. Ya'll just seem to have a gross misunderstanding of it.
  8. Then you should drop down a power class to keep your subs within their range of maximum efficiency. This is spl and you should build appropriately for the class you wish to compete. If you choose to overdrive your subs that's your own fault. Don't blame the rules for your failure.
  9. Cheating can be done in any organization.
  10. This isn't about average readings. SPL is done on peak hold. That peak spl is a result of peak power produced by the amplifiers. If you're seeing "massive" fluctuations in your voltage and current readings from the amplifier's output then you have problems elsewhere is your setup. My 1st guess would be insufficient electrical to sustain constant power.
  11. I didn't misread anything. You said "Let's say 2 people were tryin to be in this 1800-3600w class." That means they can only use a maximum 3600w which would be 1800w each for 2 subs. How many and/or size of the amplifiers is irrelevant.
  12. 2 SSDs will not see any "insane" power compression with only 1800w each. If any competitor did decide to run their subs past their efficient limits then that's their own fault.
  13. We have tested this many times and at worst there is a difference of around 200-300w. It's not as bad as it's being made out to be.
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    Sundown Audio T-Shirts

    i emailed you about a sweatshirt but never got anything back. got my t-shirt sat woot Something must have happened to the last email. Try it again if you're still interested.
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    Sundown Audio T-Shirts

    I can do the shirts in any basic color. They are the same price. Email me.