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  2. Ughhh... here I go again! Reluctantly I am going to do this, although I am having a hard time getting motivated to do it. I am replacing the factory head unit, door speakers and adding a sub to my recently acquired 07 ST Limited. Headunit Parts Pioneer AVH-P3300BT 5.8-Inch DVD Receiver - $339 shipped. Pioneer GEX-P920XM XM Satellite Tuner - $90.99 shipped. Metra 95-5812 Double DIN Installation Kit - $10.52 shipped. Scosche FDK11B Wiring Harness - $14.94 shipped. PAC SWI-PS Pioneer and Sony Universal Steering Wheel Radio Interface - $38.99 shipped. Door Speakers Infinity Reference 6832cf 5 x 7 - $51.95/pair shipped. Subwoofer MTX Audio Thunderform FEXST01BK10A-T45 (Black, Amplified) - $467.99 shipped. or... MTX Audio Thunderform FEXST01BK10A-FPR - $549.00 shipped. The T45 Thunderform includes the older model Thunder4500 10" sub at 225 watts RMS, while the FPR Thunderform includes a newer shallow mount FPR 10" sub at 300 watts RMS... if I am getting it right. I am not really up to building my own box, finishing it, installing the driver and amp. I think one of the MTX Thunderforms will serve me plenty well enough. What I am really more undecided about is the door speakers and whether or not to use the factory amp or go ahead and install an aftermarket amp. I am thinking an aftermarket amp might be worth it. I am going to have to run a power wire to the battery anyway, so mounting an amp on the rear wall behind the seat and using a power distributor for powering it and the sub amp would be fairly easy to do. One option would be to get the non-amplified version of the Thunderform, saving about $200 and applying that money towards a 5-channel amp, powering the sub and door speakers. XD700/5 - JL Audio 5-Channel 700W Class D Amplifier - $400 shipped. or... Alpine PDX-5 Class D Amp - $375 shipped. Ideas, suggestions and comments are appreciated.