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  1. kandiman71874

    Took 2nd Place at the local comp last night

    It's all in the acoustics of the car. Some don't meter as well in the kick as they do on the dash sealed up. A few of my team members have the same issue, with me included while others have sen as much as a 3 DB increase from kick to dash. Mic placement and dirrectional turbulance right at the mic can affect it as well. Rather than it actually being at the kick, the mic monkey will put the mic next to where your dash meets the firewall at the console and the idiots will hold it there with thier feet. Totally throws the crap off. All depends on who is running the event sometimes. Keep yer head up man, you'll get the extra Db's yer lookin for in good time with playing with things in the car such as seat position, sun visor position, glovebox open ect...
  2. kandiman71874

    Sundown Vs Orion

    A little time spent looking for things saves alot of hassle, but i'll make it easy on you. New option added to SSD and Q Series - 04/15/07 We just added the "BP Power" option to both the SSD and Q series subwoofers. This new option adds a machined aluminum compression plug to the pole which helps channel all of the air under the dustcap around the coil for better cooling. To aid with this increased airflow we also add 6 axial cooling channels in the top plate. Along with increased thermal capacity comes the addition of an extra spider and a changed spider pack. All of these new features increase power handling from 200-500 Watts depending on the application.
  3. kandiman71874

    Playing with Big Boy Monster 15"

    I am debating whether to offer the 8-layer round coil at all as the 12-layer has been doing so well day to day. So... if that is the case I will likely offer the option of D1 or D2 (maybe a 0.7 for SPL) and the number of spiders. The cooling method in the monster sub is built into the motor and cannot be taken out, so that is standard. You had mentioned in another post that you were contemplating a copper coil for this sub as well. Is this still a viable option?
  4. kandiman71874

    Usaci World Finals moved

    nothing i can find on thier website anywhere but i did call and they did confirm it has been moved
  5. kandiman71874

    Usaci World Finals moved

  6. kandiman71874

    My version of an SQ / music boxx

    now that you have stepped into the world of musical enclosures finally (welcome BTW) i'm anxious to see how long it is b4 that 12" T-line gets built lol
  7. kandiman71874

    Question About Bl Options

    it is like that until they get the motors in and back log of orders handled. they are offering it free to compensate customers for the waiting peiod there will be to until they get things caught up
  8. kandiman71874


    info pulled from 2 posts in the Fi technical section Enclosures: First off we do not recommend using a sealed box for any of the BL or BTL series of woofers BTL 10
  9. kandiman71874

    Mechman 250A alternator

    good deal man, only thing you havent told us or that i cant see anywhere is what kinda bank role it set you back....
  10. kandiman71874


    any update on the return of being able to build these little monsters?
  11. kandiman71874

    Midwest sundowners?

    this takes things a tad off topic but not really but you people really crack me the hell up. Ecspecially you ///M5 considering you live in Minnesotta which is considered part of the informal geographic midwest.... The Midwestern United States (also called the Midwest, the Middle West, and The Heartland) is an informal name for a group of north-central states of the United States of America, usually including Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin Now, bring on the pics
  12. kandiman71874

    Midwest sundowners?

    throw up the pics man. i was there as well but had to bail at 12:30 due to some other obligations.
  13. kandiman71874

    SSD 12

    http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/forum/i...showtopic=20943 Just a thought 25 bucks more isnt enough to disregard this deal in my opinion.
  14. kandiman71874

    Sundown Audio T-Shirts

    lol its cheap and cuts down on weight which in turn saves on shipping costs and actual shirt price. I can understand it from that perspective personally on using the bubble wrap....
  15. kandiman71874

    Sundown Audio T-Shirts

    Recieved my shirt today and in great shape. Surprisingly enough, not one bubble had been popped on the buble wrap it was wrapped in.