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  1. rugdnit


    Order Up!
  2. rugdnit

    Zed Audio Minotaur

    Get the Zed. The SQ will more than make up the SMALL shortcoming in power compared to your other choices. I am currently running a Kronos and this amp has much better control than my previous set ups. I just purchased a RA and will be ordering a Minotaur for my other car. Love these amps!
  3. rugdnit

    ZED AUDIO new website! Look inside!

    Nice work! Long over due!
  4. rugdnit

    MEGALITH finally?

    It would be a nice option, like you said most amps have a subsoinc but not all, like if I wanted to use my 2300f for sub duty I would be SOL. True.... Perhaps this has more to do with the direction of amps nowadays. That would be a nice amp, but how many people are really gonna run a big old school A/B amp for sub duty? Could the RA benefit from a SSF? Sure, but it's a redundant feature for most amps. Not trying to be argumentative. I am anxious to get my hands on one.
  5. rugdnit

    MEGALITH finally?

    Not sure the RA would need a subsonic filter since most sound processors and or sub amps have them. In any case the RA sounds like an awesome piece of equipment and am looking forward to this.
  6. rugdnit

    Sundown X-8 Work in Progress

    Still salivating over this. Can't wait for updates!
  7. rugdnit

    Zed Audio new production

    I am extremely happy with my amps. I am not complaining whatsoever. I appreciate what you guys do. Looking forward to the release of the new amps.
  8. rugdnit

    Zed Audio new production

    Aaron-- I completely understand. Of course you know you are going to get some bitching. I am extremely happy with the Leviathan and Kronos ( a little bummed that I have been one upped-- can't lie ). I would ban all sales to anything with gills.
  9. rugdnit

    Zed Audio new production

    Looking forward to the new amps. Aaron-- are you going to be able to do a group buy? I need one more to complete everything. Thx!
  10. rugdnit

    Chevrolet Traverse

    Thanx man. I actually ran out of room in the rear storage area, so I had to come up with a new box for the processor, center channel amp and rear passives. The floor A/C vent feeds the back of the box which is open and the fan at the front pulls air. All the pieces stay very cool. I will get pix of the Zeds in the rear storage compartment all wired up.
  11. rugdnit

    Unhappy Christmas

    Phreaking Drunk Drivers.... I swear this country is full of degenerates.
  12. rugdnit

    Chevrolet Traverse

    Hey guys.... Been a while since I have been here. Glad to be back. My progress has been slow due to work and procrastination ( and a little too much reading ). I will post more pics up as I have made more progress than my Flikr account shows. I will be starting work on the A-Pillars and Center channel shortly. Kronos and Leviathan have been installed and I absolutely love them. Any questions just shoot me a pm. http://www.flickr.com/photos/49617895@N02/
  13. rugdnit

    Sundown X-8 Work in Progress

    Really liking this. I have two 10" TC PRs I have been waiting to use when the right 8 came along. Looking forward to the preorder. I have been watching your stuff for a while now-- keep up the good work! Cheers bud!
  14. rugdnit

    US Amps Group Buy Interest

    Guys I run the AX line in my second car. I have the 600de pushing an IDMAX12D2 and it is very strong. Great amp with small footprint. Don't count it out because, it doesn't kick out 1.21 Gigawatts. I have also run the AXTU4360 for highs and midbass. I believe that the AXTU600C is a 2 channel amp though-- an excellent choice for midbass duty. I did feel like the highs were a little harsh on these amps though. When I used the AXTU4360 for midbass duty I was really happy. The best price I could find on the TU600 was $599, so this is a steal.
  15. rugdnit

    Stetsom Joins SSA | Store & Forum

    good stuff guys... keep it coming!