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    Capacitor ques.

    theres always talk that capacitors dont help, some say that it does, kinda gets confusing. In my last car (03 civic), i tried a capacitor just for the h3ll of it and it stopped my headlights from dimming almost completely. worked in that case.
  2. southwest713

    What it do?

    finally somebody else in houston welcome
  3. southwest713

    I know I have a car audio addiction when......

    when u convince ur girl that she has to have a system in it just so u can work on it, and then u spend more time with her car than her.
  4. southwest713

    What audio transactions do you regret?

    regret not getting the AA poly mids.... now i can't wait til they're out again
  5. southwest713

    new in here

    well ever since i had my first system (sony crap) i became addicted. started reading up a lot about car audio. i'm actually interested in learning about active set ups and hopefully hopefully do something custom later on. right i have adire koda components, an Arsenal 12", an eD 9.1, eD 9.4 (moving from 03 civic to an 06 jetta). also very interested in learning how to fiberglass.
  6. southwest713

    whose done it?

    havent done it on my own tv (and wont)
  7. southwest713

    new in here

    looking to get some good info
  8. southwest713

    How did you guys find SSA???

    link from CA