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  1. ELDeFontes

    Wanted XCON D2 12

    Title says. Looking for "newest" used xcon d2 12 inch. Prefer if it's local, around MD area. I will drive if the price is right. Contact via email, eldefontes@gmail.Com will be replacing an ICON 12 with the new XCON so it will be up for sale or willing to trade in with purchase
  2. ELDeFontes

    12" ICON Ported Questions. 2^ft @ 30hz

    I'm located in Columbia. I'm interested in meeting, checking out your RX-8, if it's finished. When we first spoke I believe you were just getting into it. If you'd like to flip this from the thread to PM's so we're not spamming the thread section I'd be happy to exchange information. Your expert support would be unbelievably helpful as I've kinda had a hard time getting where I am, over the last year haha. (Bad installers and bad advice got my nowhere)
  3. ELDeFontes

    12" ICON Ported Questions. 2^ft @ 30hz

    I don't remember where you are located exactly in MD, but MD is not large and I like to drive so yes I am not far from you haha.
  4. ELDeFontes

    12" ICON Ported Questions. 2^ft @ 30hz

    I read your past responses to other topics and it was to my understanding that the 3d model for DL was tuned to 31hz?
  5. Hey all. I've been riding with the ICON sealed for some time and want to put it in a ported box. Really not sure how to make sure the design is correct or even how to work WinISD but below is what I've gathered. I was posting on diymobile and got some help and was suggested a ported box, 2.0ft^3 @ 30hz will give the flattest response. Below is a copy paste from the sticky of "making a correct box design thread" Vehicle : 08 Acura TL Location in the vehicle: Trunk Space available (Length x Width x Height): 23x19x14 (Can be wider and deeper than height) Subwoofer make and model: SSA ICON Subwoofer Size: 12" Number of Subwoofers: 1 Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.): Suggest Please - I'm interested in any What type of music do you like?: All, Jam, Electro, Live recordings, its a subwoofer...BASS Is your goal SPL or Everyday Music?: Everyday music Tuning Freq (Hz): Your suggestion Volume : I like it pretty loud Questions:
  6. ELDeFontes

    Anyone getting Dec. orders yet?

    You're the one still waiting =)
  7. ELDeFontes

    Anyone getting Dec. orders yet?

    Not sure why you're going to waste aarons time making him come back to respond to your silly "are you building my xcon yet!" dude...it will get to you. It's not like it was forgotten.
  8. ELDeFontes

    Valued & VIP Store Customer user groups

    #5363 For Valued Customer!
  9. ELDeFontes

    Anyone getting Dec. orders yet?

    So I am order #5363 and I just received an update from UPS Tracking (I had to actually click the tracking number on my order). Departed 1/30/2013 and will arrive 2/6/2013 (My birthday is 2/7) Can't wait and will be putting pictures up in my build log very soon. This is for 1 12" ICON
  10. ELDeFontes

    Anyone getting Dec. orders yet?

    Lucky Bastid! Hope the stork lands safely! Cause that thing is gonna be yo baby
  11. ELDeFontes

    Anyone getting Dec. orders yet?

    Never said it wouldn't and that it isn't =). I know everyone is complaining about the UPS tracking not updated, so the only clear way to tell is by feedback from us who ordered during the sale
  12. ELDeFontes

    Anyone getting Dec. orders yet?

    1 icon 12
  13. ELDeFontes

    Anyone getting Dec. orders yet?

    Just wanted to see if anyone had their subs pop-in or any update on shipments (Aaron don't worry about posting I know you guys are hard at work)
  14. ELDeFontes

    For The Love of DubStep

    These are my top artists, more dance than dub but they also play heavy dub songs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zaH8B6GI_bQ I go to tons and tons of shows/festivals. Big gigantic is my favorite til this day for dub/hip-hop electronic dance music.
  15. ELDeFontes

    Anyone getting Dec. orders yet?

    People are just antsy in their pants for great equipment. Shows how well made your product is Aaron =)! Remember guys and gals, we ordered during the holiday time where people are trying to squeeze in as much free time as they can. AND people like us love sales.