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  1. coot

    Incriminator, PPI, Cadence

    http://images.craigslist.org/01313_7pjarEG8bwy_600x450.jpg http://images.craigslist.org/01515_8WMbjbFpluP_600x450.jpg http://images.craigslist.org/00i0i_29yRkgWPEHS_600x450.jpg http://images.craigslist.org/00O0O_ogxltlyDos_600x450.jpg http://images.craigslist.org/00c0c_403Ew1V41b5_50x50c.jpg http://images.craigslist.org/00U0U_UfnC4cTswJ_600x450.jpg http://images.craigslist.org/01515_bAPdFwqRIrG_600x450.jpg http://images.craigslist.org/00707_8Lo1sl3a9Bb_600x450.jpg would really like to sell as a group, but if only want certain pieces i will accept.. $475.00 for the sub (its a dual 2ohm version. forgot to state that) $175.00 for the amp (does 1800 watts rms @ 1ohm) $50.00 for the wiring kit thanks for checking it out.I got a new ride and its a 2008 h3 alpha with nav, dual dvd players and factory monsoon stereo so don't really want to start cutting into that. May switch out the factory 8" sub for a different 8 but that's about it
  2. coot

    Incriminator, PPI, Cadence

  3. For sale brand new 18" Incriminator audio Death Penalty, Precision Power Bk1800.1D, and a Cadence 0ga wiring kit. All products are brand new never powered in original packaging. Sub is 549.99 in the store and amp is 199.99 and wiring kit can be found for around 50 so pretty much retail of $800. Asking $625 obo. Sub is 75lbs so not interested in shipping so local pick up or may be willing to meet. It's not letting me post pics from mobile so can hit me up at 765-438-5397 and can text pics
  4. coot

    order# 7515?

    thank you very much!
  5. coot

    order# 7515?

    Any updates? or ideas when will ship? Thanks
  6. coot

    18 DP BOX

    with my max dimensions i think i can go up to about 7.5 cubes if i go with a slot port maybe 8 if i go with aeros..do you know how much port area you have in that box?
  7. coot

    Single woofer set ups in Cherokee's

    how many ft3 is that box in the pic?
  8. coot

    Movie title help

    Ok so sitting here watching "the Seige" and what i thought happened in this movie isnt in this movie. I am thinking about a movie that has a bomb go off to draw in the first responders and like the fbi i think only to have a second much larger explosion go off and kill them.......Anyone know the movie im thinking of?
  9. coot

    18 DP BOX

    So around 7cubes with 100in per. Been playing around with re's enclosure calculator and thinking about one right know that will be about 6.4ft3 after sub and port displacement and 105 inches of port...think that will work? for a daily set up not a comp set up
  10. well i ended up going with the kenwood if anyone was wondering lol. Got the amp ordered today as well. wiring showed up yersterday so now just need head, amp and sub to show up
  11. coot

    18 DP BOX

    So i have a sub on the way and am needing some box design help. I have a 18" death penalty that will be powered by a ppi bk1800.1d. I listen to mainly rap music with occasional nod to korn rob zombie and such and the wife makes me listen to country on rare occasion. Will be going in a 2008 gmc envoy. I emailed IA and they replied 5 to 7.5 cubes 60 to 120in of port most common 5 to 6 cubes at 70 to 90 inches 32-37hz Would like to use areo ports 1 or multiple which ever seems to get most suggestions.. probably like it between 33 and 34hz Probably like sub up ports back unless box gets to close to gate max dimensions are 45 wide x 19high x 26 deep Thanks for any help or suggestions
  12. didnt mean to start a argument.......
  13. the jvc is 5v the kenwood is 2.5v..would i even notice a difference?
  14. i was pretty much sold on the jvc one but figured i would ask about the others
  15. really just wanted a front usb and a 3.5mm jack. would be nice to have a separate sub control but since my amp will have a remote really don't need it. For the most part all have the same options just different rms wattage and output voltage. Will be running my 6.5s off the deck but not a big wattage diffence between any of them. i think the lowest is the pioneer at 14rms and the high is the jvc at 22rms. Really just wanting to know if anyone has any real world use with them. i have used like 3 pioneers in the past and thought they sounded great..until i had purchased a eclipse deck. but have had use of the other brands