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  1. I ordered all my wiring, blocks, fuses from Knukonceptz. Great prices, quality products and good communication. Tell him Pete from CEG recommended him to you - might not get you anywhere, but who knows - .

    My projects

    Someone on the forums ( ) wanted me to post some pics of my work, so here we go: Long story short - due to dealership negligence, my engine went and I decided to do an engine swap. My friend and I pulled my engine: Also pulled my long tube headers off and had them Jet Hot coated. Here is a list of what my friend and I did/are doing: - 3.0 engine swap - ported and polished heads - Extrude Hone the upper intake manifold (max pass) - Torsen Limited Slip Diffrentials - upgraded synchros - upgraded shift forks - upgraded shift tower - SPEC clutch - SPEC flywheel - long tube headers Jet Hot coated - custom oil separator - battery reocation (Optima) w/ 0 gauge - lightweight power steering and alternator pullies - upgraded water pump - upgrade engine wiring to 2 or 0 gauge My current list of mods is about a mile long, so I wont bother unless someone really wants me to post it. Will work out the kinks and eventually put in an air fuel management system (Apexi or Tweecer), a custom burned chip, true dual exhaust and dyno tune it all. Will be running in the 13s. I also bought a 98 CSVT w/ 132k miles with a thrown rod for $800 to part out for a profit. I broke down the entire engine, interior and most of the brakes and suspension and sold almsot everything. Here are some pics of what I've did: Any car-related questions, feel free to ask. I've done a majority of the work on my own car and worked on countless cars for my friends doing regular maintenance as well as performance and aesthetic modifications for them. If I don't know the answer, I know many mechanics, gearheads, autocrossers, track guys, etc. that will probably know. ~Pete

    Newbie checking in

    Nice. Almost bought one myself, but insurance rates turned me off. My buddy just bought his 2nd 04 Cobra. One stays stock and the other is for the track. Already running low 13s with very few mods.

    Newbie checking in

    Demin asked that I drop in and check out the boards. My name is Pete and live in Maryland. I own a 97 Ford Explorer XLT w/ 121k and a 2000 Ford Contour SVT that's getting a new engine w/ 5,800 on the clock. I love working on my car to get a good blend of performance, appearance and audio. I do almost all my own work - just pulled the 2.5 engine out and dropping in a 3.0. I should be handing many a car their asses once it's done. I wont bore you with all the details but here are a few for my SVT: Silver Frost Midnight Blue leather interior process of dropping in a 3 liter engine SPEC stage 1 clutch SPEC flywheel Torsen LSD BAER brakes SHM long tube headers Bassani cat-back exhaust Centerline RPMs 215/35-19 Ground Control coilovers Koni adjustable struts carbon fiber hood McCullough HIDs PIAA driving lights and on and on and on.... Audio awaiting install: Pioneer DEH-720 CDT CL-61 components Kicker KX800.4 Stryke AV12 Tsunami 1100D Audio Control 24XS 0 gauge wiring KnuKonceptz wiring, 1 farad cap Optima red top I get bored at work, so you guys should see me regularly.

    PICs of the GP

    I'm not doubting your story nor saying that a 330i can't beat a GTP, what I'm saying is that with similar drivers, it should be a close race. "A couple car lengths" in a 1/4 mile race is quite a distance - a full second in some cases. Given that the result was that, the conclusion by anyone with a lot of track experience would be that the trailing vehicle was not giving 100% or did not know how to properly launch an ATX. I'm not instigating/provoking/flaming, I'm merely stating firsthand experience with GTPs. I'm not a "hater" of certain cars - I'm a gearhead and appreciate good cars, regardless of make. GTP is a comfortable and fine ATX vehicle; BMW produces very refined, great handling cars. What year/models were the 330i and the GTP?

    Happy b-day Mark (aka SSAudio)

    Happy b-day! Get anything good?

    Hey Baseball fans

    O's fan, but hate Angelos. He and his sons are pricks.

    How did you guys find SSA???

    You invited me to check it out! :denim:

    Newbie checking in

    What are you driving? Cobra? Lightning? FSVT?

    PICs of the GP

    Sorry, should have said, "near stock". Under the right conditions and on a fast track, hitting close to 13s isn't impossible! I like GTPs, but I can't do ATX - gotta be MTX!

    Newbie checking in

    I attend the All Ford Nationals in Carlisle, PA and the American Iron Shootout in Cecil County (1/4 mile bracket racing and car show). I'd be interested in meeting up with some of you guys and attending some more shows in the latter half of the summer. It's going to take a few months to get my engine swap done, car painted, stereo installed and new wheels put on. Here's a pic with old wheels, bumper and hood:

    PICs of the GP

    I doubt a 330i could take a GTP by a couple car lengths. Either your friend wasn't trying, can't drive, has a standard (not GTP), or your dad's 330i is heavily modded. I'm a track regular and have seen GTPs run 13s stock, and dip into the 12s with mods.