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  1. The Alpine INA-W900BT is a good choice and is on sale for around $800.00. The Resaon is the INA-W910BT is on the way.
  2. Installer4life

    Drek75633's 3) 18s in a mustang build! Lots of batts and neo s

    That looks great. Your are right though always takes longer than expected. I am a few years older than you but I used to build walls in my earlier years. Man that was a long time ago but the memories are still there. Four 18's, all I can say is that thing was loud. Keep it up and remember its all for fun..
  3. This guy is as honest and reliable as they come. Nice guy, great to work with.

  4. Installer4life

    Rushnrun's Dodge Ram 1500 install

    Guys theres a product called "Dry Lube" available from select products that makes running wires through rubber boots a breeze. Give it a try..
  5. Installer4life

    1997 pontiac firebird. amp rack and dual 12 sub box

    Looks like you didn't finish the box. Is it open on one end? If so you really need to get another piece of wood and seal it off. Also use some silicone where the sides meet to help with the seal. I like the way you pre-drilled the holes to run your wire through to your amps it makes for a clean and professional installation...
  6. Installer4life

    2 weird questions.

    Fiqure the area of the port which is the mouth. Length X height. 12X2=24 or 6X4=24 same area. As far as mounting your woofer like that it will not work..
  7. Installer4life

    Planet Audio P500 ! Is this a ZED-Audio amp or not?

    I have never heard of ZED designing an amp for these guys. I have always considered Planet Audio sort of a low end amplifier.
  8. Installer4life

    Kicker zx750.1

    The only one I have in stock is 949 watts at 2 ohms and 14.4volts. If that helps.
  9. Eclipse CD7200MKII has the capability built in. Subwoofer low pass, mid high pass, mid low pass, tweeter high pass. Selectable slopes and frequency. Only issue was no level control even on subwoofer.
  10. Installer4life

    broken amp A2200HCT

    or, since it's an audiobahn....... I'd just buy a new amp. I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Installer4life

    Suggestions for HU

    I have to agree with you on the Eclipse. I purchased a CD7200MKII and couldnot even see the display. I called Eclipse tech and they said thats the way it is. The tech even told me that he has tried to download a black screen but that did not work. If the background is on on that radio its very difficult to see the written information. However it is by far the best sounding deck I have ever owned.. The other top two were the Alpine cda7878 and the Alpine cda9815.
  12. Installer4life

    MDF or just plywood?

    Burch is good and light weight. Also no pre drilling is using screws however its more than 2 times the price of MDF and not as dense. I have never seen a Home Depot that didn't have MDF although I think higher quality stuff is available..
  13. Installer4life

    dynamat the inside of a box?

    Ihave seen dynamat sandwiched between two pieces of MDF but that idea didn't stay around to long. Bracing is the best thing.
  14. Installer4life

    mini cooper wall thread, version 2

    For some reason I can't see the most recent pics but it looks like you are having fun. I had a 1985 mazda RX7 with 4 Rockford fosgate 15" subs and one of their Power 650's in it many years ago. It was a lot of fun to build and listen to. Keep having fun and maybe I can figure out how to see the pics.
  15. Installer4life

    16 year old budget build

    Nice headunit, It has a crossover built in for the front, rear and sub. Be sure to set the highpass on your new speakers. You might want to put some dynamat on that rear deck.