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  1. Hi all I am looking for advice on a design for a single ported enclosure to carry a 13W7 sub. The enclosure would be sitting on the rear right hand seat, directly behind the driver (Right hand drive in Australia). There are a couple of things I need to clarify first... Is the recommended internal volume of 2.375 cubic foot too small for this sub? If so, what would be a better size. Here we only get 18mm thick MDF (about 0.71"), so to make the front baffle stronger, should I just glue and screw two together? - Will it start to rattle / vibrate loose? If I make the box to JL's specs of 2.375, I would have to change the outside dimensions of the box to be (19.7" x 19.7" x 17.7") with the 17.7" being the height, as that is the height from the seat to the bottom of the window. Would this work and, would this change the way the box functions and is tuned? (port will probably be wider so the overall length would probably also need to be longer?) - And with this design would it be ok if the sub would be below the slot port, not next to it like how it traditionally is done? The height of 17.7" of the sub box is not fixed, just preferred, the max height of the box would probably about 20-21" Concept 1, something like this... My other idea is to have the box be around 19" x 19" x 17" (externally), and have no internal ports, using external ports instead... BUT this could create further complications/questions, like how many and what size ports to use (I am guessing round PVC ports would be the easiest, or would external square MDF ports also be a good option?) - And do i need flared ends? - Also, the ports would drop down to feet level, would this make a noticeable difference to the loudness? (see pic) Concept 2, something like this... My space is quite limited as it is in an Isuzu pickup truck, (Australian model so much smaller that the F250's ect you have in the states) Any other concepts / ideas will be much appreciated. [i have not actually purchased the sub yet, just ensuring that it will work, other wise I will go with the 12" as it only "needs" 1.75 cubic ft. - but would like to make the 13 work if possible] Some extra info.......... Vehicle : Isuzu D-Max Location in the vehicle: On the seat behind driver (Right Hand Drive car) Space available (19.7" x 19.7" x 17.7") or (50cm x 50cm x 45cm): Subwoofer make and model: JL Audio 13W7 Subwoofer Size: 13.5" Number of Subwoofers: 1 Type of Port (Kerfed, Slot, Aero, etc.): Either Slot or external What type of music do you like?: I listen to basically anything with heavy bass and some dubstep depending on the mood hahah. Tuning Freq (Hz): JL enclosure specs say 35Hz, but that seems a bit high? Would prefer 30Hz Volume : Again, JL recommends 2.375 Cubic Foot but is that large enough?
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions / comments guys. At the moment I am kinda swayed towards the W7, but while doing more research I am also getting swayed to the 13W7, any reason to not go down that path and stick with the 12 or comments? (I am still very open minded at this stage) I would most likely then get a Crescendo 2k to power it, as what I understand, its a decent amp, stable to 0.5 ohm (will be running it at 0.75) and relatively cheap.
  3. thanks djjdnap, does the Havoc compare to the W7 or ? Has anyone has experience with both of them?
  4. I am looking for advice on which 12" sub to buy, at the moment I am looking between the 12W7 and the 12" AA Havoc. Unfortunately, quality subs are fairly rare here in Australia, so I haven't listened to either (have listened to W6 and liked the sound of it). My current situation is a 10" Polk MM, mounted in a custom box I built, sitting on the center of the rear seats (in an Isuzu pickup truck so very limited space) but I will build a bigger box for the 12" and place it on the seat behind the drivers seat. For me to import either from the US will make the price very much the same, so that isn't really a major factor. I am open to suggestions of other subs too, around this league but I would also prefer to not go much over the 1200W RMS. I listen to basically anything with heavy bass and some dubstep depending on the mood hahah. Cheers