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  1. Peteyglad

    Happy b-day Peteyglad

    I see it! :-) thanks!
  2. Peteyglad

    How Loud :D

    Got started on the box on Friday and slowly between chores and other things to do it should be finished today. Hopefully the 1st show will be either a USACi event on the 11th or a Clash show on the 17th.
  3. Peteyglad

    what happens if the port isn't perfect?

    I agree, that error is so small it will not make any audible difference.
  4. Peteyglad

    How Loud :D

    A 144.5 on the TL and a 145 on the AC.
  5. Peteyglad

    Your db Numbers

    This was my last setup from 2006. I competed in Stock 1 class in IASCA. I will post when I get my 2008 setup done. car: 1998 Saturn SL2 Electrical: stock alt, Big 3, stock battery + Kinetik 2000 Amps: (2) Elemental Design NINe.1's Subs:(4) Elemental Designs EU-700's Box: Ported, roughly 2 cubes after port and sub displacement Mic: TL & AC Tone: 53 Hz Score: Legal on the dash, 144.5 TL and 145 AC
  6. Peteyglad

    How Loud :D

    Thanks for the answers, my intent of this post was basically just to say I was competing again after a year off. My last setup was with (4) 6 1/2's and this year it will be (3) 8's.
  7. Peteyglad

    How Loud :D

    If I had (4) 6 1/2's and I went to (3) 8's, how much louder would I be?
  8. Peteyglad

    Execution Went To Competition

    good score. I really like the looks of the sub!
  9. Peteyglad

    Elemental Design Group Purchase

    It is possible I miscalculated something, but I don't think I did.
  10. Peteyglad

    Elemental Design Group Purchase

    Also, this was at .5 ohm before box impendance rise and .7 after rise.
  11. Peteyglad

    Elemental Design Group Purchase

    In Car measurments with a true RMS DMM and a voltage clamp:) Of course I had a little help froma car jump starter for some additional voltage:) I did not use an Oscope so no telling how nasty the THD was either.
  12. Peteyglad

    Elemental Design Group Purchase

    poor petey, giving ben his money.... Thisis the way I see it. The equipment I run does more than what it is supposed to. My NINe.1's bench tested at 1700 RMS on a .7 ohm load and the EU-700's are taking 5 times the amount of power they were designed for. I have had 2 friends have something go wrong with their products, one was an amp and one was a sub. Both were taking care of very promptly. I am aware of the past troubles with ED, such as stories of not standing up for their warranty, taking forever to deliver pre-orders and even sending out defective merchandise. I have never seen any of this personally so I can't say it did or did not happen. I am basing my evaluation on the ED I have seen in the past year or so.
  13. Peteyglad

    Elemental Design Group Purchase

    I would buy from them, oh wait, I did If you do like their products the group buy has some great deals going on.
  14. Peteyglad

    My Little Install

    The goal is a 145 on the dash with either the AC-190 or the Termpro. I think she has it in her.