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    Car audio, Drag racing, Musky fishing, High performance automotive everything, Building 426 Chrysler HEMI'S, Playing low and loud! Oh, and drinking :)
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  1. Thanks, I'm shooting more toward 34Hz area anyway. Brandon @ sundown wants me to have 30in<2 per sub for port area! That would just make my box huge. I am going to give this a shot and see what happens. I see them on youtube with a single aero. Its worth a shot.
  2. Hello all, I'm new to this forum, but not to car audio. I am however new to the Sundown woofers. I'm hoping you all can lend some help and thank you in advance on my enclosure design. What I have is an 05 Acura TL I'm doin a pair of Sundown SA12s in the trunk. Subs to be fired foward and a 6in Aero either out the back or side. I have tried several enclosures with foward fired subs & port, but the car just did not really like it. Last setup was a single CV Stroker12, power was supplied by an O.S. USamps VLX400 1ohm mono. I had good results with two 4in PVC ports fired back, Sub obviously foward. Then tried a 6in Aero out the drivers side of box. The Aero was slightly better. Anyway, my questions are... I have roughly 31in wide/26in deep and 13.5in tall to work with. I have an enclosure drawn up already with a net volume of 4.05 ft>3 and Torres is telling me with the 6in Aero @ 17in long this will yield me a tune of 29.64htz. Does this sound rite? I do want it to play very low!! I Only play music. Rap/Hip Hop/R&B/Funk/lil bit of rock/metal. My other concern is how will these subs like this size enclosure with the brutal power of the VLX? Amp is "rated" @ 2400 wrms @12.5v. Charging system is decent with a total of 4 large batteries and a 50farad Stinger Cap. All power/ground wire is 1/0 Monster Cable. Voltage playing it hard stays in the mid to high 13 volt range. Any input on if this will work fine would be great! Thanks again everyone.