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    4 DC lvl 5's, CRESCENDO, SINGER, 04 YUKON

    Soooooo sexy
  2. mccleery3

    4 DC lvl 5's, CRESCENDO, SINGER, 04 YUKON

    Very impressive in all aspects.
  3. mccleery3

    My first SUV gets a sound system.

    Those wheels are hot!
  4. mccleery3

    12" SSA Icon Dodge Magnum Project

    Beautiful work as always!
  5. mccleery3

    Pioneer 80PRS

    *interested in this info as well. I thought about using my Samsung tablet.
  6. mccleery3

    6 18's 60k Yukon

  7. mccleery3

    DSS Tridents and Twisted Sounds S-10. Road to 166dBs

    The bottom would get my vote as well.
  8. mccleery3

    Team IAK IronMan Explorer

    Come to finals and hear mine I wish I could man but no more vacation time left & wed/thur for off days sucks.
  9. mccleery3

    Team IAK IronMan Explorer

    I have yet to get a demo at all It's had one problem or another in one form or another every time I've attempted to try :/
  10. mccleery3

    SoundQubed 160 db LEGAL on Music

  11. I am curious if all parts to build a complete 18" sub can be purchased through you, including motors? I was thinking it could help me with my over all build wait time. I've seen the thread with near everything short of the motor on 12's & 15's. Thanks Q, looking forward to 4-18's in my rebuild
  12. mccleery3

    Swift's 2012 F250

    Congrats Lee
  13. mccleery3

    All parts available to build ourselves?

    Yes Q, I was speaking of the motors as well. I am trying to figure out my best plan to attempt to order my subs in stages of ordering parts or just do layaway. Finances are tight & I have 4 daughters that help spend a majority of my $$ aside from child support.
  14. mccleery3

    Drivers for this fall "start saving ur pennies"

    Encore 18 price estimate?
  15. mccleery3

    Team IAK IronMan Explorer

    Reppin everyone well lil brotha! I'm happy for you & what you've been able to accomplish. Looking forward to what the future holds with the system near full potential.
  16. mccleery3

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    You too roud, you go home!
  17. mccleery3

    SA 18 info

    I figured Jacob could drop a bit of info here on the upcoming SA18 that is due to be released sometime in Oct. per fb. I'm personally interested in these as one of my choices for a upcoming build.
  18. mccleery3

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    I have no updates of a positive nature to report concerning my build. I sold most everything but the HU, alt, & batts. I will be rebuilding slowly as children, time, & finances become regular again. Another C-pillar 4th is in design stage with subs & power to be determined. I have a very good idea of my front stage but will keep that for a later date. I'm going slower on this build & everything is subject to change.
  19. I personally had no issues with the HD8000 used in my application. It was mounted under the rear bench seat of my suburban on a piece of 3/4" mdf. The fan noise was minimal to me with any volume at all. I did have issues with the HD400.4s but believe it is no longer available to the American market. The 400.4 basically has all mid grade hard plastic for the heat sink & I believe doesn't transport well in packaging. It seemed a bit fragile. My electrical was a Singer 275a alt w/XS D3400 up front & 4 XS XP3000's in the rear. A single run of 4/0 power & ground to rear bank with a single 4/0 power & ground to the HD8k inputs.
  20. mccleery3

    Swift's 2012 F250

    Looks like a nice approach man. Eager to see how you clean it all up.....I know you'll make it sexy
  21. mccleery3

    Team IAK IronMan Explorer

    .....but did you get the new tires on yet before the upcoming trip? I don't want to see or hear anything bad happen bro.
  22. mccleery3

    IAK needs an "IHOP"

    I have been going through some family stuff as of late & been on fb mostly. I'll try to get on here & be a bit more active.