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  1. QmarcesQ

    AMp for BTL N2

    I have a single BTL N2 18 that i am upgrading from a planet audio 5000.1D to an amp that can put out real power numbers and has 1/0 power and ground. I was thinking of the Crescendo 3500 or sundown 3500 as i hear the BTL N2 can easilly take 3500 RMS. Are those 2 amps one of my better, if not the best options and if not which would you suggest in a daily driver? I should probably include this is a dual 2 ohm that i will be wiring to 1 ohm. Basically if you had the choice what is the perfect amp to pair with this sub? **Also i would like to know if i have been misinformed of the btl handling that much power before i just go and blow this sub.**
  2. QmarcesQ

    Question on BTL box build

    Much appreciated y'all. is there an adhesive you guys prefer to use over any other? and someone suggested i line the inside of the box with acoustic dampening material, is that really necessary i have never seen that before on any box i have had built for me.
  3. QmarcesQ

    Question on BTL box build

    what would you use to secure the dowel rods in place? the adhesive i was told to use for the box is titebond 2 or an industrial floor sealer, and coarse thread drywall screws to hold it all in place. is there any way you recommend other than that? this will be my first box build
  4. QmarcesQ

    Question on BTL box build

    If i flip it on its back will i need any additional bracing or reinforcement or should it be strong enough by itself? I have never seen an 18 in person so i guess the 16.75 just kinda weird ed me out.
  5. QmarcesQ

    Question on BTL box build

    I am getting ready to build a box for a btl n2 18 and I found these cut sheets on the forums Fi links to from their home page. http://www.soundsolutionsaudio.com/forum/topic/44518-btl-box-cut-sheets/ The dimensions just so happen to be perfect to fit in my escape in the area I have left. I have 3 questions. Is this a decent box design? Is there any problem laying the box on its back to fire sub up port up? ( too close to back hatch I think to fire back ) And it shows the hole the sub goes in as 16 3/4 diameter. Is that right for an 18 inch btl? I figured it would be close to 18 inches?