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  1. subwoofery

    New products for 2009

    I guess now is time to ask about the VLX... Any specs you can give us? Thank you, Kelvin
  2. subwoofery

    Spring Break Nationals

    bumping myself...
  3. subwoofery

    Spring Break Nationals

    Read on anothe forum that Andy Jones was trying to use the new comps. Now using the Tweets but can't fit the 6.5" Can we please get more infos about those now? Thanks, Kelvin
  4. subwoofery

    Icon or Xcon

    Yes please tell us where someone said this. Got to love the people who think they can tell what the drivers make up is based on a picture. It has a single slug, the BTL has a single slug, humm must be almost the same thing. I must have stated a few times in multiple threads that the Xcon has nothing to do with the BTL other then country of origin. humm... Guess you found it
  5. subwoofery

    Icon or Xcon

    Bringing back this thread from the dead Heard on another forum that the Xcon was based off the Fi BTL. "A different coil and spider and soft parts can make a driver different from another, but it's still going to be an over-motored sub for any SQ setup" Found it strange since there's a big hype about the product ; stating it is an SQ sub. Is the BTL part true? Can anyone comment? Thanks, Kelvin
  6. What kind of stereo kit do you have? Most stereo kit for BMW 3 series looks like this one: The problem I see is that the kit goes over the HU, meaning you place the HU first then attach the kit on top of it. Unless you can find another kit (which I didn't) or make a custom one... I don't see how a flip out din can be used. Kelvin
  7. This one wouldn't be a bad choice: http://www.eclipse-web.com/us/cd/cd5030overviews.html Kelvin
  8. subwoofery

    I have a surprise coming!

  9. subwoofery

    Icon or Xcon

    Thanks for the response... Yeah I know about the Midbass coverance in that range however, owning a few subs that plays well into the midbass range seems to blend better with my midbass. Seems to be the trend to cross subs in the 40-45hz but I seem to be missing a bit even with a 8 incher playing up front. Seems like the Xcon (even having a higher power handling) is your new SQ reference sub in your line up. Nice Kelvin
  10. subwoofery

    Icon or Xcon

    Hi guyz, Just wondering a few things... Which one plays best in the high range (70hz-125hz)? Which one plays best in sealed? Which one has the best SQ? As in decay, attack, etc... Power delivery no object Thanks, Kelvin PS: believe it would be the Icon but never know...
  11. subwoofery

    Sundown Sq build

    Need pics of the front stage
  12. subwoofery

    New Sundown owner!!!

    Thought Jacob sold the Sundown brand to somebody... As in: "Sundown has a new owner" Guess my english has flaws... Kelvin
  13. subwoofery

    Lvl5 18 vs BTL 18

    Don't think tweeters will work with that much bass... Look into "Image Dynamics" horns ultra + it will sound good Kelvin
  14. subwoofery

    Oz audio ME 15.2 Subwoofer am i being ripped off?

    Unless you're going IB, then it is truly a nice deal on that one... Magical sub in IB alignment
  15. subwoofery

    12w7 vs. xcon 12

    Ohh... Understood It's just that I like to listen to live recordings more... John Mayer Alice in Chains MTV Unplugged (pretty much anything MTV) Genesis I won't say it is a necessity, but I feel that you need it when listening to "Lives". Hearing and feeling music can't be beat I got a demo from the Image Dynamics Horns while I was in Ontario and ohh boy the Dynamic is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! Installed some horns not so long ago in my girlfriend's car and they show what I have been missing with my own system (in my sig) I was just directing the OP to something he might or might not have thought being possible (english?) lol I'm sure he'll be happy with the Xcons... Kelvin