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  1. connersdad19

    2003 Chevy Impala

    i am confused by the above comments...but anyways...here is my new amp...a directed 1500d
  2. connersdad19

    2003 Chevy Impala

    please tell me you did not sell it as a FI sub i sold it as an american bass sub... the person who i sold it to decided to keep it on...
  3. connersdad19

    2003 Chevy Impala

    lol.....i sold that sub and amp....looking at something else lol.
  4. connersdad19

    Maybe you can help me.

    some people have told me about that(with stingers) but the only thing i have found is 2 spots for pos 2 spots for neg and 4 spots for amp wires... thanks for the input...you also have a pm.
  5. connersdad19

    Maybe you can help me.

    i have this http://cgi.ebay.com/TSUNAMI-RDS9100-UNIVER...1QQcmdZViewItem and i hooked it up today but it says my voltage is 8.7 when i go back to the amp it says 14.05 anyone know what could be wrong? when i check my wires that go to the tsunami connector and put my dmm on the pos and neg it reads 14 but not on the unit. i bought this brand new 4 or so months ago and dont have the packaging or anything. and i cannot seem to find the manual online anywhere.... today i hooked it up to just my starting battery and it still was reading 8.7 any help is appreciated.
  6. connersdad19

    2003 Chevy Impala

    got an fi decal put on the sub...
  7. connersdad19

    (6) Mayhem 15's and (6) 40.1's

  8. connersdad19

    Blow-through in my bagged 95 fullsize chevy

    very nice i love the truck also...
  9. connersdad19

    32 Sundown E8's build

    those lil woofers look sexy together lol.
  10. connersdad19

    2003 Chevy Impala

    Just realized that this accepts 4 gauge and has 5 30 amp fuses lol
  11. connersdad19

    Walling a Hyundai Hatch

    very nice...and sexy subs i might add
  12. connersdad19

    2002 Ford Explorer

    very nice.
  13. connersdad19

    32 Sundown E8's build

    looks good anymore pics?
  14. connersdad19

    2003 Chevy Impala

    Here are a couple pics i have of the car I already have the components installed and the wire is ran. My box is being built by F3RR3T from roe http://rcbenclosures.com/ My amp should be here monday or tuesday and is http://ampguts.realmofexcursion.com/XSite_XAD2K/ never heard of the brand but i like the guts. not sure if i will need to add an extra battery in the trunk or not...i will only be pushing 2000rms.