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    Warden Series Release - May 1st

    so what is the total weight of the driver, say 12"?
  2. thedukey42

    IB help

    From my experience I recommend you seriously consider this before diving in. I'm not trying to scare you away at all, because IB can far exceed what you expect, but there is a lot more to do than just building a small baffle that seals off the large opening in your trunk. You need to completely seal off the entire trunk, remove all carpet, seats, etc. and start filling with bondo, great stuff, something along those lines. Then once all of that is sealed, start working on the large opening for the sub. I was more than happy with my IB setups and low end is my favorite part about car audio, also the sub should sound extremely clean if it is intended for IB use. I would say to listen to what is posted before me, if you can do it, go for it, extremely rewarding build if done right!
  3. thedukey42

    what hapened to ca.com?

    For selling reasons only I miss the site.
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    Run the 3000D at .5 or at 2ohms?

    Since it's a daily setup I would say run it at 2 ohms and you should be fine. If you want to compete, you could burp it at .5, but that is voiding the transferable warranty, meaning you may have a warranty still on the amp and you may void it by running it at .5 good luck
  5. thedukey42

    Recone for Older Rockford

    Thanks a ton, I'll look into that as that would be a much cheaper fix.
  6. thedukey42

    Recone for Older Rockford

    My brother and I are working on and IB setup for his car. He really wants to use an older pair of rockford 15's, I'm guessing they are from the early to mid 90's. The surround on both of them is going bad and I am hoping that FI can give these subs new life!! I will try and get pictures of the sub, but am afraid that won't help you out much. So, I'm wondering if I should send the subs in or what, thanks for any help and if you could even come up with a price for a recone, that'd be great too. If you can't do much cuz i've given you almost zero useful information, let me know and I'll try and dig up more about the sub. thanks
  7. thedukey42

    Recone for Older Rockford

    Thanks for the link, I saw those while looking and the sub is older than those recones, but thanks. I am almost considering to pitch the old rockfords and get a pair of the Fi IB 15's, though it would be cool to recone these old subs and give them new life. I did 5 searches w/ google images and came up with nothing after going into 15 pages with each. i'll just get pics and any info I can tomorrow hopefully.
  8. thedukey42

    Recone for Older Rockford

    Not at all, i feel dumb for even posting, lol. I'm going to take pics and actually take a look at the subs tomorrow hopefully. I did notice that there is a Fi IB 15 for pretty damn good deal and maybe will pic up one or a pair of these. His trunk is probably 10-12 cubes and we're still working on getting it completely sealed. I'm going to scan the net now for older rockford subs, I think they are punch, but honestly have almost no clue
  9. thedukey42

    Wedge 2 build for a singleT112D4

    Maybe I'm just not good at carpeting or it is as difficult as it seems, but you did a great job on the carpet and incorporating the port into the box. You really do great work, how long does it take you do to this? Wish I had your carpeting skills!!
  10. thedukey42

    SAZ 2000d to come after 5k?

    I vote 5 channel!!!!!!! something like 130 x 4 @ 4 and 1200 x 1 @ 1, be perfect for half of the audio world and with the known sundown quality, that'd be a hell of a daily amp. Jacob if you're hiding one of those on me, give it to me now, cuz I'm looking for 5 channels good luck w/ the 5k btw, glad to see sundown expanding, great people involved are helping the reputation of sundown a ton.
  11. thedukey42

    Bad Reciever?

    So i just got my behringer ep2500 today and hooked it up a couple minutes ago to my xxx. I bought some rca to 1/4" converters and turned the reciever on to hear the beast. BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ That's the only noise I can get, when I connect my ipod the sub plays fine, but when I connect the amp to the sub output of this older sony reciever (1999 if i had to guess ) I tried using my dad's bash300 amp and got the exact same noise from the reciever. Just wondering if anyone has any clue as to what I'm doing wrong or what is causing this problem. thanks
  12. thedukey42

    Bad Reciever?

    OH and i went to use the cheater plug, but the outputs on the reciever is 2 prong, I still tried it and it still made the noise, so, who knows.
  13. thedukey42

    Bad Reciever?

    I'm thinking the sub outs are hosed. There is no ground loop lug on the back and I can't get rid of this noise at all. I now notice the noise is also in my mids, which are running directly off of the receiver. Any recommendations on a new bargain receiver I could buy for my dad? I really wanted to have him watch the final four games w/ the mids and sub, but now it looks like tv speakers will have to do lol thanks again for your help jim
  14. thedukey42

    Bad Reciever?

    The bash amp is plugged into a different outlet than the behringer and both made the sound. I connected my ipod and it played fine, no noise at all. On a side note the clip light would come on very quickly, at about 1/8 gain. Is this normal for those that have ever had these amps? thanks for the help jim
  15. thedukey42

    hAvoc 18" for home theatre/music

    Can you post the specs to the 10's, I think you should use them and build a new box, they should be plenty, just want to see the specs on them before I go saying what might work, I don't know them as well as most of these other guys, lol. ( seriously mean that, i don't know this sub like you guys do, just want to be clear)
  16. thedukey42

    (= DC LvL 4's on the way =)

    Could you leave those by the door, i'll swing by and pick them up tonight, k thx:D look nice man, real nice.
  17. thedukey42

    Mag proto is on its way to Chad Hicks

    A posted not from me simply stating "I owe u"
  18. thedukey42

    Enclosure Build common chamber "T212D4"

    looks great, but what are the holes for on the outside flair? good luck finishing, really good work man.
  19. thedukey42

    New Toy

    I would get rid of the bass boost and find a better way to set your gains, prob. see a lot better results. good luck
  20. thedukey42

    (= DC LvL 4's on the way =)

    i can't wait to help you on this build!!! The shop is ready for the project, just bring the exploder over!!!
  21. thedukey42

    Getting some new subs

    This is becoming a thread of agreement, lol. What right now are you not happy with? What about the mag makes you want to change it? Is it output or sound quality?
  22. thedukey42

    New BM information

    Awesome, can't wait! I didn't know they even made their own glue, always have been a big fan of tang band. Enjoy your trip and maybe leave early? Really want to try out some new si products, lol.
  23. thedukey42

    New BM information

    any updates ?
  24. I have heard that the newer xxx's seem to perform well in small sealed boxes, but am looking for some one with experience. I'm really into low end and sq. I currently have a 4 cube box tuned to 36hz w/ 3 4" aero ports that is doing well, but the sq end is not all there. The vehicle is a 1999 toyota camry. thanks for any help!