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  1. ia2

    Death Penalty 18s

    I'd still like to see pics. Something else gave way first before that sub bottomed out i can assure you. And the subwoofer is not the reason you are breaking stuff....this will continue to happen with any speaker you install....I'm not trying to convince you to keep running dp's if you aren't happy with them, but trying to get you to look deeper than just the surface to fix your problem.
  2. ia2

    Death Penalty 18s

    Give us a call Monday 256-417-6658 for pricing and we can take payment either over the phone or through PayPal.
  3. ia2

    Box building help

    I think you are misunderstanding the port calculation. Your box should be a total of 4 cu ft with a port surface area of 60 square inches. i.e. 4" wide x 15" tall. The tuning of the box will be determined by the length or depth of your port. I think you should download a program called winisd ...just Google it and I think it will help you understand what I'm talking about.
  4. ia2

    Box building help

    By 26" of port do you mean the length? When I said you need 60", I was referring to square inches, as in the surface area of the port. The depth would then be determined by the tuning. To get this figure you can use any box building software.
  5. ia2

    Box building help

    Well you had it right all the way up to the end....haha. 4.0 cubes with 60" of port and tuned around 32 Hz will get you the results you are looking for.
  6. ia2

    Death Penalty 18s

    Like was said above, you should definitely pull them and have a look. It could be many different things, but worst case scenario a recone will fix it. If the coil is unwound I would almost bet something else broke first. Pull it out and maybe take some pics and we will help you the best we can.
  7. ia2

    anyone know? (30.1)

    It probably isn't going to be any time soon. I don't have an exact date for you either, but I wouldn't expect to see them until late in the year or early next year.
  8. ia2

    I smoked a woofer...its dead

    Yes sir you will just need a recone. Just give Tricia a call at 256-417-6658 and she can take your order. Thanks alot!
  9. ia2

    King of Bass CD

    Yes we still have plenty! Give us a call! 256-417-6658
  10. ia2

    ia 10.1

    Lol wut? The IA10.1 is still in the works, but there is no official release date. Right now we are looking at late in the year. Thanks!
  11. ia2

    Death Penalty Recone Prices

    Give us a call 256-417-6658 and we will give you pricing on any item we sell. Thanks!
  12. Here's a setup I did in Nicks cousins Explorer. 2 DP 15s on an IA20.1
  13. David Moore (teampsi)'s PSI 12's powered by IA30.1 prototype and I65c components http://www.caraudioclassifieds.org/forum/psi-car-audio/121398-time-install-my-own-no-56k.html
  14. ia2

    *NEW* Impulse Shirt

    We still have the artwork for that design, but its very doubtful we print any more of those shirts
  15. Here is the new official IA shirt for this year...known as Impulse. $35 shipped to anywhere in the continental US.