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  1. Somehow, when I woke up this morning my phone, dock, and charger ended up unplugged and nicely set onto my closed laptop. Absolutely no recollection of why this would happen...

    You had some good shit last night....

  2. Thanks guys we are hoping things go our way for the Haunt.

    The team played great and the fans were out of this world at the field. They are pretty happy with their efforts.

    Funny thing is all the boys love to visit the haunt and I work with the manager of the team and they wanted me to wear my mask in the stands.

    Ya that would of been great if you could wear the mask. I'm sure you would of got on espn with that lol.

    They said there was +30k ppl there to watch the game.

  3. looking into buying a new phone from at&t.

    Been looking around and remembered their merger with t-mobile.

    Anybody know the date when the merger will be complete? I tried finding a date but have not found anything.

  4. Hey Sean, on that ride I did today. i noticed that I have some pain in the "gooch" area. Is there any signs as to what is wrong with my seat position to cause this?

    what's a gooch.... :ughdunno: