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  1. dblevel

    US Acoustics product launch sale

    These are very nice amps, I tried the Barbara Ann and was very impressed with it!
  2. dblevel

    WTB: US Acoustics USA series amps

    Might even consider trading a few usa series I have for one of those listed in post above..........
  3. dblevel

    WTB: US Acoustics USA series amps

    Still looking....... Mainly for chrome 2150, 2200 and 2300 models.
  4. Na the specs are the same on both. Lowest they go are 2 ohm stereo/4 ohm mono.........
  5. I'm looking for any of the USA series US Acoustics amps you'd be willing to sell. Grey or chrome, working or not working just lmk what you have! Would also consider the Alphasonik versions of these as well.........
  6. dblevel

    never again will i order from here

    This is very true! In this case I don't think anything you(Aaron) could do to make him happy. Lack of knowledge and immaturity you can't do anything with!
  7. dblevel

    Fi X 10s

    Nice! I would just try emailing Fi.........
  8. Not sure about the design update they really look very similar. The boards themselves are different on each but components for the most part look the same. I've been told the 2050h is high pass, guess not meant to run any subs but the covers were labeled the same on each.
  9. You would be fine with the Cleansweep.
  10. What are your plans for the install? Only the sax100.4? The 3sixty.3 would give you more channels to use. 2/3 way setup plus sub duty? You can use the EQ on the RF unit to better tune the setup. If the sax100.4 and an amp for subs is all your needing the Cleansweep would probably work. If you want more options(even into the future) in building the system and tuning the RF unit would work.
  11. Would depend on how your going to go. Basic install Cleansweep Something serious 3sixty.3 I've used both and prefer the Cleansweep myself.
  12. dblevel

    Julian's venture into photography

    Very cool! Amazing pics!
  13. dblevel

    New Here

    Welcome Travis!