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  1. Jpangkilla


    Ya, put me on the list as well, would love to add on to my AA apparel collection.
  2. Jpangkilla

    4.5 ft3 @ 32 htz for AA Havoc 15

    OK dude, whats the song in this vid it sounds so sick. Edit: Nvm i just watched the whole video and now i see what it is, I love the box though man, nice work.
  3. Jpangkilla


    That's what I like to hear, just make sure you save some juice for sunday. I've been wanting to listen to that beast for a minute now. Is Lil Jon going to be tearin it up at the AA booth again this year? Heard some crazy stuff was in the works as usual. Cant wait to see what he has this year.
  4. Jpangkilla

    AA Assassin 10" Displacement

    ya that is the number i used in my calculations, so according to that i am getting .66 cubic ft per sub. The sub calls for a minimum of .6 cubes so I think i should be good to go. If anyone thinks that is not sufficient, speak now or forever hold your peace.
  5. Jpangkilla

    AA Assassin 10" Displacement

    hm, the SSD is a bit beefier than the Assassin, but ya it should be just bit less than that i guess. If anyone knows the exact number though that would be awesome. I wonder why they dont have it posted on the site?
  6. Jpangkilla

    AA Assassin 10" Displacement

    Hey guys, I need to know how much space the 10" Assassin displaces. I was sure I would be able to find it on the AA website, or on the Internet somewhere, but no luck. If someone happens to know the answer or could point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate the help.
  7. Jpangkilla

    Check Out What UPS Delivered Today!!!

    no plans for it yet its just takin up space in my room right now cuz its not exactly working. but I AM A have to get it checked out i guess and if its just sumthin small ill sell it.
  8. Jpangkilla

    Check Out What UPS Delivered Today!!!

    hm wow i wonder if thats whats wrong with mine, but no im building a sealed box for 6 10" AA assasins i loved the havoc but i want to change it up a bit and see what kind of results i get, im still going to use my sundown 1500 to power them because it has done very well for me so far. These are going in the back of a civic so its going to be a squeeze but everything seems to check out so far. Just have to get a hold of shawn and get the subs, i think thats going to be the hardest part lol.
  9. Jpangkilla

    mini cooper wall thread, version 2

    lol dang, here in ocala we get busted for 5% and only a strip on the windsheild. but anyways when you get the build done i would love to hear it, its lookin awsome keep it up.
  10. Jpangkilla

    Check Out What UPS Delivered Today!!!

    wow how did u get my cat in that pic lol
  11. Jpangkilla

    Check Out What UPS Delivered Today!!!

    wow ya same here coils and everything looked good, i tried poppin it with a battery and nothin happened so its the sub for sure but not exactly what.my buddy talked to mr. fleming about it and he said it was prob the tinsels but they look good from here so idk. gonna start workin on my new box soon neways prob not gonna worry about the havoc too much lemme kno if u find anything out tho.
  12. Jpangkilla

    Check Out What UPS Delivered Today!!!

    A bijillion watts. Depends on enclosure, settings, and stuff. I give mine around 1500 and it took it quite nicely. Until it mysteriously stopped working O_o Thats really wierd mine just mysteriously stopped working too.... i had 1500 on my havoc 15 as well, was ridin down the street listening to some three 6 mafia, then all of a sudden no bass. oh well im going to be running 6 10" assasins very soon.
  13. Jpangkilla

    mini cooper wall thread, version 2

    dude what state do u live in and how the hell do u get away with that tint, i want it.
  14. Jpangkilla

    JoeRod's 34 10's Loaded Horn

    dude thats awsome, ive been wanting to see this for a while. looks sicks tho wish i would have been around then to hear it
  15. Jpangkilla

    Fi vs MTX

    if circuit city or best buy carries it i wouldnt buy it