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    Exile flat subs?

    PPI is releasing their flat piston subs again I've heard. No idea if they are any good or not, but might be worth taking a look at.
  2. o0)FuNkTrAiN(0o

    4 10"s vs 2 15"s

    Thank you both for the explanations and link. First off, I've been out of the game for awhile so I must apologize for my ignorance. I understand the physics side of what you both are saying. I haven't tested drivers in almost a decade so if today's well made drivers are actually good enough to pull off equal transient speeds amongst different sized drivers despite increases in moving mass that's freaking awesome actually. This was not the case when I was really into testing out stuff. Moving mass was king. The fastest bass driver I've ever heard was also the lightest by a large margin for it's size. Everything we listened to pretty much jumped right inline speed wise with their respective masses. To be honest I never even looked much beyond moving mass because of this. Very interesting Meester Bond.
  3. o0)FuNkTrAiN(0o

    Greetings from Fargo, ND

    Will do! Random Scooby butt shot to hold you over:
  4. o0)FuNkTrAiN(0o

    4 10"s vs 2 15"s

    "Quickness" has nothing to do with cone diameter...inductance is key Well it's definetly part of it. The all things being equal part I was hoping would cover that. Momentum's a bitch.
  5. o0)FuNkTrAiN(0o


    These are the two good ones I have right on my desktop, I'll try to get some updated pics on here in the next week or two.
  6. o0)FuNkTrAiN(0o

    Scooby Lovin'

    Random Pics
  7. o0)FuNkTrAiN(0o

    Greetings from Fargo, ND

    There will be no boner rubbing here mister!! lol, sorry too easy. And yes, get with the moving so we can come down to help you move or something terrible like that for an excuse. Would love to hear what you got. Denim I'll post the ones up I have. I've been meaning to get some new pics of the stuff I've done lately but I've been meaning to do a lot of stuff this year that hasn't happened yet.
  8. o0)FuNkTrAiN(0o

    4 10"s vs 2 15"s

    All things being equal the 10's are going to be quicker than the 15's and plenty capable of playing low and damn loud with that many going at once.
  9. o0)FuNkTrAiN(0o

    Greetings from Fargo, ND

    Yeah sucks ace. I can think of many fun things to do while the wives are preoccupied, speaking of which... I'm gonna go mix a drink
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    Greetings from Fargo, ND

    Now now, you're gonna make me blush. Thanks for the welcome fellas
  11. o0)FuNkTrAiN(0o

    Greetings from Fargo, ND

    Hi everyone! ///M5 showed me this site awhile back and I finally got my head out of my arse and joined up. Lots of great stuff on here and I look forward to having some discussions with you guys on here about whatever. Right now what I've got going on is an install in an 05 Subaru STi that is currently dead in the water while I try to make up my mind on a few things and learn more about what I should be doing or trying out. I'm a SQ over SPL man btw. See ya'll around