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    Music enclosure for in home, FI BTL 18

    x2 on window style, much better than dowels if you can spend the time. Also, if you have a router and a way to cut circles, you can cut a bunch of circles out instead of windows which is the same concept. There will be a good medium between material left vs openings for flow.
  2. slim2fattycake

    octagon and hexagon ports

    Let me see these framed degrees. lol.
  3. slim2fattycake

    Taramps 8k electrical?

    Email shizzzon for answers for taramp. He won't steer you wrong.
  4. slim2fattycake

    Drivers for this fall "start saving ur pennies"

    Looking for news on the low profile driver...
  5. slim2fattycake

    Bad news for the IA80.1

    lol. This thread makes me think back to my engineering measurement lab papers. It's been a while since I've read audio forum drama. I'm glad I could get a laugh.
  6. slim2fattycake

    PSI Platform 3 Recone from Fi Car Audio?

    you need to get a caliper and get better measurements.
  7. slim2fattycake

    What glue to use for putting new dust cover on

    i use gap filling CA glue.
  8. slim2fattycake

    complete list of drivers currently being worked on

    lol. 1 dollar, Bob.
  9. slim2fattycake

    complete list of drivers currently being worked on

    when is that?!!!!
  10. slim2fattycake

    New Q 12 barely plays and bottoms out on low volume

    stop being lazy and take the sub out.
  11. Spend some time on your questions and proofreading your posts and people will spend as much time in answering and helping. I read OPs like this and I just click close...
  12. slim2fattycake

    front baffle assembly

    I use a jig so I make the center hole after clamping both together. Then I make the holes separately and finally glue. Doing flush mount or not this way, it doesn't matter.
  13. slim2fattycake

    RIP BTL :(

    n he's back. lol. ps - my first btl was the dual mag version. only version i didn't play with was the n2.
  14. slim2fattycake

    Lanzar OPTI250X4 4 channel amp

    Item(s) for Sale: Lanzar opti250x4 amp 250rmsx4@4ohm, 650rmsx2@4ohm Item(s) Description/Condition: In great shape. one scratch on the side. Price: 200 shipped. Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: insured in price for UPS. Item Pictures:
  15. slim2fattycake

    Mr. Chocolate's Scion TC Build

  16. slim2fattycake

    Backup Camera

    love my oem backup camera. i use it all the time.
  17. slim2fattycake

    Going From sp4 15 to 18?

    better box is going to get results not changing from 15 to 18.
  18. slim2fattycake

    Fi BL 15 power hungry?

    not mandatory since you didn't give info on what amp you're running. but usually its a good idea.
  19. slim2fattycake

    Favorite Martial Arts Flicks

    van damme yes, steven seagal no. You actually named some that I haven't seen or even heard of. Nice... I'd like to add iron monkey, the duel, the banquet, reign of assassins, three kingdoms, fist of legend: return of zhenzen, warlords, & journey to the west (or monkey king movie).
  20. slim2fattycake

    FI Sp4 On Fire.. Warranty?

    if you want, buy the recone and i'll recone it for a small fee. i'm in louisville as well.
  21. slim2fattycake

    Um... a 750wrms 8"?

    Seriously though, Phantom, you should stick around and discuss. Hopefully, Jon's childish posts didn't scare you away.
  22. slim2fattycake


    Its so crazy to see first hand. Our company has a turnover rate of more than 50%. Half will show up for orientation and not come back for the first day of work. Hell, about 10% don't even stay to finish orientation. Its going to get really bad when there's no machinists and tool makers.
  23. slim2fattycake

    Irony at it's best

    didn't know there were 2 worthless products by steve now.
  24. slim2fattycake

    High Excursion Shallow Mount Neo

    Didn't know the SI shallows are done. I was intending to get them later down the road when my build starts, but I guess not. lol. I am looking to do a floor box in the cargo of the suv and these would be badass with only 5.25" depth. Does that include xmech depth? If price is not over the top, I'd definitely love to have these. subbed.