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  1. nick8124

    Your order # and when shipped

    Just received my FedEx shipping email. Ordered on 2/13. Order number 1166. Single Fi q 15.
  2. nick8124

    urgent order 1166

    please disregard this thread as i have been forced to take a different direction with my setup. thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.
  3. nick8124

    urgent order 1166

    My email is nick8124@gmail.com if someone from fi wants to contact
  4. nick8124

    urgent order 1166

    I ordered a 15 q dual 1 ohm with cooling on 2/13. I work at best buy and get a great deal on kicker amps. Today the kx1200 dropped in price and is now in my price range. Problem is it is 1 ohm stable and the amp i previously picked out was 2 ohm stable. So i ordered the dual 1 ohm. I need to change my order. I need a dual 2 ohm instead. Is this possible?