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  1. Abram Cabrera

    01 eclipse port location?

    would that be better for spl? ....I have 2 tantric hds 10's
  2. Abram Cabrera

    01 eclipse port location?

    would a port facing the side work in a 2001 eclipse hatchback.......its about a foot away from the panel if I were to face the port to the back ....the port will only be about an inch away from the back panel.... and I don't think it will have any air flow. if I face the port to the side .....will it practically be the same as facing it to the back?
  3. Abram Cabrera

    High efficeint amp brands?

    i read these shouldnt be used for daily use........ only burps and compititions
  4. what are some high efficient amp brands? 3k-4k watts I know mmats and b2 audio make some efficient amps.
  5. Abram Cabrera

    12's and 10's with little space requirments

    yea I meant cubic ft requirements
  6. looking for a pair of 10's or 12's.. with little cuft box requirements .very GOOD IN SPL and able to hit all notes have an eclipse hatch 1000rms or more need suggestions
  7. Want to know some new subwoofer companies that make good subs 1000rms or up Any company would help Trying to find something new
  8. Abram Cabrera

    Is Bl 12 worth it for me?

    Few questions before placing my order. i have 01 eclipse hatch...so any sub is going to be louder have a kicker zx1000.1 i want to feal the bass more ported box for any sub i choose. had 2 jl w6v2 10's but sold them IsThe bl 12 worth geting over a ssd 12 or a q if im only going to use the kicker zx1000.1 to push it. does a q 12 have more spl than a ssd 12. or should i just get ssd and save money? appreaciate feedback..thanks.
  9. Abram Cabrera

    FI BL VS. FI Q

    Just want to know in more detail what the difference is between the two The two speakers cost the same which speaker would be better to do what? goals; i want to be able to feel it more, and hit the low notes also want to be able to turn it up loud without ditorting i already have a kicker zx1000.1 amp
  10. i have a kicker zx1000.1....1000wts rms at 2 ohm planning on getiing a dual 1 ohm 10 inch or 12 inch bl for an 2001 eclipse need the recomended specs for the 10in bl and 12 inch bl.. which sub would be better for my setup and car?
  11. i know the rms is 1500 watts but i cant find what the max power handeling is?
  12. Abram Cabrera

    10 inch fibl vs 12 inch fibl

    i want t know if the 12 inch Fi bl is way louder than the 10 inch Fi bl, because they both take the same amount of watts. i will be installing either a 12 or 10 in an 2001 eclipse..will there be a notable difference since its a coupe.