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  1. ricardoj366

    Your order # and when shipped

    also instead of keeping the number to youself why didnt you post it instead of being the go to guy for information i dont know about the rest of you guys but i like to hear it from the company i'am buying from
  2. ricardoj366

    Your order # and when shipped

    easy when you pay with paypal they will supply you with the address and phone number of the seller to anyone who wants it their number is . Edited for my personal cell. Thanks, Scott
  3. ricardoj366

    Your order # and when shipped

    i called fi audio my order #1424 will ship in the next couple of days and my other order # 1506 will ship at the end of the week or early next week so if you want to know were your order is just call them
  4. ricardoj366

    Your order # and when shipped

    why do we have to get information about our orders 2nd hand it would be nice to get it from the company we have spend hundreds or our dollars with