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    Your order # and when shipped

    With people in the low 1300's getting notifications about their BLs getting shipped, I am hopeful. My order is 1300, ordered Feb 28.
  2. zekegxp29

    Order #1061 shipped

    Mine is #1300... I'm getting excited.
  3. zekegxp29

    Fi audio

    I could see why people think they are getting bad service. Most people are used to crutchfield or some other pack and ship website which can get you what you order 7 days from when it was ordered. This is a small business. I have never been to the Fi shop, but I would imagine that there are around 5 people satisfying the orders of thousands of individuals. They build from scratch, handle billing, pack, ship and deal with customer service. It's a lot to ask of a few people especially when I am sure that they are flooded with e-mails and facebook tells and forums and wherever else you can get a hold of them. Just relax... you'll get your product and love it!