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  1. Couldn't find a price on there website know it will be lower with group buy but would like to know what the starting point is if possible thanks for time
  2. luckydogg72

    To all those who know me on her and to those who will know me.

    Look dude just read this an other forums alot of info on them as for this one there are some people on here who must get a kick outta putting people down cause the more I read some peoples post the more I hate coming in here thats why I don't post often. But like I said theres other places to find info from just keep reading an there are some very helpful people in this one also just don't give up on your passion I've been messing with car audio for 16yrs mostly just mine an my friends stuff went to school for electronics so I know where you coming from bout loving audio
  3. luckydogg72

    Do I have enough room for 4 15Z

    Yes If I have enough room for them
  4. luckydogg72

    Do I have enough room for 4 15Z

  5. luckydogg72

    Do I have enough room for 4 15Z

    I only have 38Lx38Wx26D guess I should have put it that way in the 1st place sry for confusion. But the same measurements should still work tho right
  6. luckydogg72

    Do I have enough room for 4 15Z

    It will be for daily so tuned 32 to 36 whatever jacob says will be best for daily thanks for your help
  7. luckydogg72

    Do I have enough room for 4 15Z

    Ok I sold my 18btl an looking to get 4 15Z do i have enough room to run them I have 38x38x26 to work with if so can someone help me with a box design will be ordering the subs if I have enough room by next Friday thanks for time.
  8. luckydogg72

    Box Help For 4 15" Havocs

    As soon as my taxes get back I'm gonna order from you Brian an would appreciate a box design help thanks an when I get started with the build will start a build log thanks
  9. luckydogg72

    Box Help For 4 15" Havocs

    A box I need to change my sig I just got a 2000 denali an don't wanna ruin my interior with a wall. Was gonna wall the tahoe but got rid of it. when I order the subs you think you could help me with a box design. Thanks for your help Oh I see why you asked that now the height is only 25 sry bout that
  10. luckydogg72

    Box Help For 4 15" Havocs

    Sold my btl18 looking into getting 4 15 Havocs here or my dimensions. Can I get 4 15's in these dimensions 35Wx38Lx35H thanks for the help ahead of time
  11. luckydogg72


    A guy on here Shizzon i think is his name an he's happy with his
  12. luckydogg72


  13. luckydogg72

    Sundown Z v.2 -- Cool new part preview

    Was just wondering if there is an estimate on the price for the 18's in this series an can I go ahead an make a deposit
  14. luckydogg72

    Prototype Big Boy SPL Motor

    Has there been a price range on these bad boys. I'm tryin to sell my btl an gonna wait till these hit to get new ones. Just wondering how much to be saving.
  15. luckydogg72

    How to do a 16v system

    No the battery