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    icon or xcon

    i have a little problem in choosing which sub and how many. right now my setup in a singer 250amp alternator 6 phase with a dc audio 3.5k and a single IA DR upgraded goodies 15d1 in a 3.27cubic box before sub displacement my question is which 1 10" weather it be the xcon or icon could handle the power from a dc audio 3.5k after break in time. and still have a little room to shine or im debating getting 2 10" or a single 12". my problem is idk what kind of power people are giving the subs before they get "toasty" and want to "send out smoke signals" thank you in advance for your help
  2. grumby13

    icon or xcon

    the box for it will be 2.85cuft after port and sub displacement of the xcon so 2.83 after zcon tuned to ~32.75hz 16 sq inches or sq feet don't recall the exact measurement
  3. grumby13

    icon or xcon

    true but after talking with sencheesy on facebook i've decided to go with the xcon and build the box around the zcon to which i will upgrade to
  4. grumby13

    icon or xcon

    i will message you on facebook bro
  5. grumby13

    (SOLD)(2) SSA Xcon 10's Dual 1 ohm

    im thinking about getting xcons myself for my dc audio 3.5k but i don't have the money for them but i need a month or so til i have the money for them
  6. grumby13

    4 New 130lb Batts for <$1k

    if i can sell my three deka's i would only by 2 thow if i could
  7. grumby13

    Amp, alt, mids, RCAs FS/T

    the amp is not sold yet what is left to sell.
  8. grumby13

    Amp, alt, mids, RCAs FS/T

    i wish i did not buy the rockford 400.4 if i knew an IA amp was for sale
  9. i need 1/0ga black wire roughly 10 to 15 ft. if you have ring terminals i can use some as well
  10. grumby13

    (sold) Crescendo bc2000d for sale-how do i post pics?

    nnnnnooooo if i would of known i would of bought it strapped it to my bc2000d.
  11. grumby13

    grayta's 2012 Ford Focus Build

    i hope to have a 6th order and new bigger battery after tax season
  12. grumby13

    21" upgrades?

    i have a IA death row 2012 that has warden coils and DP spider's thanks to neill barber who is selling his subs from his blue bronco you see at sbn with IA stickers on the front windshield i believe. he still has 15 more subs left. they are 15 d1 and he has d1.4 coils as well but the sub it self is wonderful. all IA wardens DP and DRs use the same basket just different motors and spiders and coils. that is the only difference
  13. grumby13

    request with custom specs

    Could you make me a box with 41 width 17 height 15 depth with 30hz tune or lower when I figure out the lowest frequence the subs can go to. You have picture of the box but I want it with carbon fiber vinyl on part of it and still have the carpet red and the port red could you give me a guess of the price I need to make 4.0 cu ft
  14. grumby13

    PSI Platform 3 motor and basket

    I wonder why there is no love for psi
  15. grumby13

    Voltage meter

    @pmurika I will have to wait til I wake up since I work the night shift/graveyard shift
  16. grumby13

    Voltage meter

    only asked since inever hooked one up before so I wanted to know if the instruction or manual came with it
  17. grumby13

    Voltage meter

    do you have documentation for it
  18. grumby13


    If I were to throw you some numbers for box dimensions would you be able to help me out with pricing and to achieve the goal of 4.0cu ft for 2 Ssa icons, I am trying to save as much space in the trunk as possible so depth is very limited but width isn't and height might be a little restriction but no biggy
  19. does anyone know about them. how well is there power rating
  20. grumby13


    to me i don't go based on negative feedback someone them are just plan moronic and people that did not use common sense i go based on how wel they put out power under a heavy load.
  21. grumby13


    wouldn't want to get your hopes up. they might just end up like skar's reputation and stetsom we shall see but im just a bit curious to how they can produce twice as much as dc amps put out with better efficiency which is a little high to pro rate the amps to sell them. such like those amp companies that put that the amp can do 1k at 1 ohm but clip at 250 maybe 300 at 1 ohm
  22. grumby13

    Old newb in Delaware

    and welcome to the forums
  23. grumby13

    Old newb in Delaware

    wwhat part of delaware im down in smyrna
  24. grumby13


    i came across from it when i was learning about over clocking and also remember the computer pcbs back in the day, when i had a windows 98 computer it was all green pcb i believe dell still does it and apple does the green pcb as well. which i stay away from those two brands so i spend a little more cash on pcb technology that is current and is great for overclocking and using LN2 pot's which i want to get into someday
  25. grumby13


    Shizzon I heard well read about it while building ny custom watercooled computer