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  1. Haven't had a bit of time in a while to come over here. So I think for the next week or so, I'm going to check in a few times a day and see if I can answer any questions. Let me know - your thoughts on anytime...
  2. Incriminator

    Amp Test Tuesday: IA20.1

    Here you go guys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3BF0JW-5eA
  3. Incriminator

    Amp Test Tuesday: IA20.1

    - Buy one! I will throw in a Koozie! - Yes sir SSA is the source for you.... - I'm sure it would hammer. - Thanks!
  4. Incriminator

    IA DP recones?

    Just give us a call 256-417-6658 and we can get you fixed up or you can buy them from a dealer as well.
  5. Incriminator

    The Main Event Bass CD

    Thanks! Glad you like it.
  6. Incriminator

    The Main Event Bass CD

    How did you like it?
  7. Incriminator

    Questions about my Incriminator Death row 12

    1.) No we do not. We never had any demand for them. 2.) Figure out the exact room you have to work with, then work from there. Trucks are always more difficult. 3.) Take an Armor All Protective wipe and go over it gently. 4.) What is the model number? I can look it up. 5.) Take your time and do it right. So many people get in a hurry and make simple mistakes.
  8. Incriminator

    Questions: Ask Nick anything....

    Yes, once the new models release they will be in the new Reserve line as well. The current ones list are the older model.
  9. Incriminator

    Questions: Ask Nick anything....

    It's coming....Expect a 6" version first as we have high demand for it. No ETA yet. I thought some mid ranges and tweeters would look great in your line up, Cant wait to see them! Hope you guys do a large efficient soft dome tweeter instead of a super tweeter though. My question is how well do the new wardens do in a more musical box tuned real low? (around 28hz) They work well. About 70% of people that buy Wardens use them in daily setups. So you should not have an issues, the lowest I know of were tuned around 30 Hz.
  10. Incriminator

    Questions: Ask Nick anything....

    It's coming....Expect a 6" version first as we have high demand for it. No ETA yet.
  11. Incriminator

    Questions: Ask Nick anything....

    Yes, but I have no idea when. I'm working on a ton of new products that we have never had before. Anything you are looking for? It depends on what it is, for example an amp will ship same or next day. Subwoofers are ususally 5-7 business days, but can vary greatly depending on how far behind we are. Shipping is usually 1-3 days. So it can vary from 2-10 business days to recieve a product on average.
  12. Incriminator

    Questions: Ask Nick anything....

    They will work in same size boxes as last time. Port, Sealed, or IB.
  13. Incriminator

    Questions: Ask Nick anything....

    Correct, I'm putting the finishing touches on it now. Hope to release it for the new year. It will now be a Reserve driver.
  14. Incriminator

    Questions: Ask Nick anything....

    Going great! How about you?
  15. Incriminator

    Questions: Ask Nick anything....

    My wife is more brunette, but she has blonde highlights.....So I will pick both. Very good question. I ask myself this often, I do lots of important work and engineering, but that child in myself never goes away. For example I will be going tonight to watch TMNT! Been excided about it for awhile. So like in the last post I will pick both.
  16. Incriminator

    Questions: Ask Nick anything....

    Honestly, I've wanted to do a new Bass CD for awhile and offer it in a few formats, but I just haven't had the time. You will probably see this next year sometime. Thanks for the help, letting everyone know what to build. As far as the dirt sheet, I've started to make one several times, but alot of what I want to talk about isn't far enough along for it to be in the sheet. When new products that are 6 months away are being talked about people want it now. I do both....Boxer Briefs
  17. Incriminator

    Bad news for the IA80.1

    I posted my comments to this already, alot of this is blown out of proportion. I find humor that someone can do a test and yet everyone on the net thinks that we all of a sudden we make a horrible product. Look at the post and read the comments, the test in my mind isn't valid. But the amps still makes between 7300-8600 watts depending on how you view the results.
  18. Incriminator

    Amazing Customer Service

    - Glad we can help. Tricia works very hard and does excellant work! We look forward to future orders and your build.
  19. Incriminator

    King of Bass CD

    Since we are back from Spring Break Nationals we have released the new "King of Bass" CD. Incriminator Audio teamed up with Bass Mekanik to release our first CD for all the true bassheads. Get your copy now - $20 each shipped - paypal nick@incriminatoraudio.com Thanks!
  20. Incriminator

    Incriminator Mobile

    Text Loud to 545454 to join the mobile Incriminator Audio network on your cell phone. You will get the latest news as soon as it breaks!
  21. Incriminator

    Are the new Wardens ever going to be here?!?!

    Just back from CES...Let me explain what has happened. We told the dealer we were hoping to have Warden's back in stock around the end of the year / first of the year time frame. Let me say we do not do pre-orders - but this dealer asked if he could go ahead and order a pair so he could be sure when they release his customer would for sure get one. We agreed to help him out and said basically if you prepay you will be the first to get them, but there is no exact time line and no refunds for this product. As everyone would want to preorder and then change their mind. The dealer agreed to this and we took the order. The dealer called back recently and we told him the exact same thing again. Tricia then double check with me and I told her we will not issue a refund, but he could use the credit to order something else to help him out. So you are more than welcome to order something else in exchange for the 2 Wardens you ordered - we've said that the whole time.
  22. Incriminator

    Anything new?

    Hey guys, Anything new going on? Had free minute at lunch and thought I'd see what was cooking at SSA land?
  23. Incriminator

    IA Downfall Shirt

    Downfall is the newest design in what will be several to come. 100% cotton with blue and silver print. Shirt is solid black with discharge ink. Sizes are S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL These are high quality shirts - 5.5 oz. 100% Super Soft Hand Combed Ring Spun Cotton Fine Knit . Tubular construction no seems. Set-in collar. Double needle bottom hem and sleeves. Shoulder-to-shoulder print. Pre-shrunk to minimize shrinkage. Machine washable. Prices are $30 shipped - MSRP $59.00 For all of you out there that already have them feedback would be nice! Thanks, Nick
  24. Incriminator

    Will there be a sale on ia subs anytime soon?

    The rule has always been every 3 years for the Black and Blue Sale!
  25. Incriminator

    Picture Tour?

    Well, you read it wrong if that's what you got from what I said. We are talking about two different points of view - I'm talking about marketing and you’re talking about engineering. From a marketing point of view - It doesn't make sense for us to allow customers or anyone for that matter to have access to our shop. These days with facebook, twitter, myspace, forums, etc people are more social and they talk more and post more an ever. It would be a short amount of time before these picture made it to the internet in one shape form or fashion. Now imagine we are building your drivers or amps for your audio company and you've spend a ton of money and time to develop your line, when new OEM company comes by and takes picture of our shop and they made the net. Do you honestly feel this would be good for your business? I would hope not, 99% of the time your customers will call me and say, "I know you make ford302redneck audio subwoofers, so I thought I'd call you and cut out the middle man and go straight to the source and get a better price." Everyone wants to be in the know and everyone wants a better price, it's just human nature. We do things this way for a reason. From a engineering point of view - If you are one of our OEM customers then you would know everything about your product as you would have you hands in the design from conception to final production versions. We are talking in vague and broad terms here and I can't fully answer your questions about how something is made until I know what we are making. Sounds like you might be interested in OEMing a driver if so call me and I can go into great details once I understand your goals. But your picking my buildhouse because we are the best! What other company is going to reply to your needs and questions at 3:08 am Sunday? Thanks, Nick