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  1. jmanjr

    hhr 4th order wall build, fo fih-teenz

    Damn good work man. I cant wait to see the finished product.
  2. jmanjr

    4 Zcon 18s = Tap Out

    Congrats on that! Just Nasty!
  3. jmanjr

    Pioneer AVH-P3200DVD Installation and Review

    http://www.amazon.com/Pioneer-CD-R55-Remote-Control/dp/B000PTHIBK thats the remote that works on the unit if anyone is/was interested!
  4. jmanjr

    2005 Explorer Alts

    no way 2 group 31s would fit under the hood without serious mods, Its actually cramped in there, the oil cap is right in the damn way which is why I didnt go the 270xp the case wouldnt fit I was told, but I would love to run 2 alts maybe this time I can get some clearance to get the 270xp on there! I have the eddie bauer which I dont makes a difference, but its a pain to say the least
  5. jmanjr

    2005 Explorer Alts

    Rob do you by chance have a dual alt setup for a 2005 ford explorer 4.0 engine? I already have a 250xp from you on it now, and Im looking to upgrade!
  6. jmanjr

    V.1 ns 18" 150.7 @headrest

    chick in vid 2 is hot! Nicely done though thats bada$$
  7. jmanjr

    4-21's or 10-12's

    uh yea 10-15s is the most cone area by a long shot!!!!
  8. might sound crazy here, but have you checked your rcas?
  9. jmanjr

    Pioneer AVH-P3200DVD Installation and Review

    not bad, I mean its free shipping, and relays around me are $5-$6 then factor in shrink wrap, wire, and gas to go get all the items lol its worth the 10$
  10. jmanjr

    Pioneer AVH-P3200DVD Installation and Review

    Well I went ahead and ordered the unit lol what size relay is that? Does it matter the size you use?
  11. jmanjr

    Pioneer AVH-P3200DVD Installation and Review

    Im still considering this HU actually.
  12. jmanjr

    Jeremy's (JmanJr) Temporary build log.=

    like I said man I dont know how to do all the crap, I have always been a raw material guy so I never took the time to do anything like this, I am sure I will get it figured out though.....
  13. jmanjr

    Jeremy's (JmanJr) Temporary build log.=

    yea those would work, but its not going to make the surface smooth or anything. I guess i will have to find someone else to finish them off or something, cause I dont know a thing about doing this......any ideas?
  14. jmanjr

    Jeremy's (JmanJr) Temporary build log.=

    how do you plan on covering the screws etc? I guess Im not seeing the same picture as you in mind....