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    07 Saturn ion
  1. Mike Hutcheson

    BL recone ?

    Cool thanks watts
  2. Mike Hutcheson

    BL recone ?

    Never done it... Seen it done a few times... Never have experience if you don't try .. Ya know lol do I need to order adhesive from them too? Also I don't trust any audio store in Kansas City... DIY it's done right. Been my experience in life.
  3. Mike Hutcheson

    BL recone ?

    When I spoke with whoever I did on the phone last year he told me they where universal ... But I'm sure I clicked yes on that anyways... On the vc all I can see wrote on it is d2 15 BL I haven't taken this sub apart
  4. Mike Hutcheson

    BL recone ?

    Well it's time for a recone, beat the hell outta of my 15 d2 BL. Tensil leads snapped and burned up, oh well time to fix it lesson learned... I need some info on everything I need to order from Fi to get this done.. Like I said its a dual 2 ohm fully loaded..... I got mine back in February is mine a 2009 series? Can I recone it to a dual 1. Been Running a crenshendo 2250 @ 1 ohm...would I be better off going .5 if I can recone to dual 1?.. Thanks for all in put... Fi I must say you make a badass product yeah I clipped the living hell of this sub many many times , guess you can say I bottomed it out not 100 % sure but sounded like the dust cover smacking the vc 100's of times After all the abuse I put to this thing it beat hard to the last moments... Yes I played it clipping most the time yes it's dumb yes this is the result, never know what you got till you push it... Well worth the money... Roughly 90 clipping hours
  5. Mike Hutcheson


    I got my BL 15 Saturday too, I was #1533 same boat as you no box built yet, lol it's the biggest and baddest sub I ever purchased cant wait to hook up this crescendo and the sub. Good luck with the box build I'm still confused how I'm going make this box to fit in my ion
  6. Mike Hutcheson

    New Q 12 barely plays and bottoms out on low volume

    Has anyone ever told you if you want something done right do it yourself? Honestly you should of invested money in a quality dmm instead of being lazy and having some audio shop do what they did.... You invest money in your audio system, you should know exactly everything you own specs and all and how it's wired. DIY DIY DIY DIY.... At the end of the day you can only hold yourself responsible.. Not some 3rd party... Should of never drove away when u picked ur car without putting it to full tilt first to make sure all is good... Not being a arseho just honest.... GL hope you take the advice some of the members tried to give you.
  7. Mike Hutcheson

    Your order # and when shipped

    Order #1533 received a email from fed ex stating it was picked up. Still saying waitinging fulfillment on fi site either case its going in the right direction, can't wait to hear this 15" BL
  8. Mike Hutcheson

    Your order # and when shipped

    Waiting for fulfillment as of march 20th #1533 fully loaded D2 BL 15 going in 07 Saturn ion. Keep this thread on track... Take the complaining else where please.. This is my first purchase with Fi... I knew we'll before I placed my order the lead time it was going to take, I'm waiting patiently and have been...
  9. Mike Hutcheson

    A Chance to Win A Free Team Fi Sub!!

  10. Mike Hutcheson

    nice sounding 6.5's for under $200

    I have two sets of infinity kappas but their coaxial, they crank 75 watts RMS @2ohm Directional tweeter with 3db button on tweeter.. I'm very happy with them
  11. Mike Hutcheson

    mtx thunder 75.4

    Amp listed at the top. Yea at high volume some music can play a lot louder without it doing it. I will try that, didn't know if it was a good idea or not to go directly to the batt neg
  12. Mike Hutcheson

    mtx thunder 75.4

    My amp is going into protection mode while I get it cranking, but some songs get really loud and it doesn't go into protection mode, gains are only half way up if that, Is This happening because of a bad ground ? My battery is in the trunk and I grounded my amp with my batteries ground on the bracket which is welded to the trunk body. I know that it's a terrible spot, if I bolted my amp ground on the same bracket as my battery ground Would that work?
  13. I have this amp hooked up to four. Infinity kappas 62.11 6 1/2 2ohm coaxial speakers . My speakers do 75watts rms. the amp claims 100 watt rms @ 2ohm per channel . How do I correctly set my front and rear gains, I should ask this is in a different way should I be using a multimeter or by hearing. What would be the correct way, I do have it on HPF vs full range. Also to any replies if multimeter is used what's the correct way, I understand the meter for the most part. Thank you
  14. I'm not dissing the kit everything it great, full spec wire RCA ect just the fuse block and to some of the post I looked and tried to see if it was a universal 8awg to 4awg not this one. I bought this from bestbuy