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  1. wrxinfx

    Nick Morgan, We got a serious problem!

    Mmmmmm!!!! Ribs Look good. Or as we say it here in Hawaii "ONO!!!!!" Happy birthday man!!!!
  2. wrxinfx

    Pricing on speakers?

    those 2 guys scare me . My son didn't like it...lol.
  3. wrxinfx

    Stickers coming off of brand new n2s

    just happened to look at my white sticker on the BTL. The white lays better than the blue chrome i have. No burred edges or peeling at corners or slice marks all over it like my blue chrome. A nit picker would point it out and be dissatisfied. But like I mentioned in another post somewhere, when the speaker is moving that large amount of air... you can't see $41+ and its plain awesome. So for future purchases, i'm sticking with plain white. Side by side though Nick.... my silkscreened SSD looks pretty awesome. But you're right.. to save for cost and to pass that savings to us the stickers shall do. In fact the white sticker does seem to be brighter than the silkscreen.
  4. wrxinfx

    Stickers coming off of brand new n2s

    Stickers falling off not a problem to me. But it'll look tacky. I preferred the silk screened ones a few years back. My friends all thought i put FI stickers on generics and didn't believe me until I pulled them out of the box...lol. Just sayin. On a side note... my blue chrome has bubbles in them. Hope it doesn't peel off anytime soon. Would look weird with one white F and a blue chrome I..haha.
  5. wrxinfx

    Neo SSDs

    Hmmm did someone say Neo SSD's? Mmmm.... I think i'll take 2...lol.
  6. wrxinfx

    Fi BL 12 shipping cost to Hawaii

    Pretty expensive. For a comparison my 15" BTL at 70lbs (entire package) was $103. My 15" Q at 50lbs was around $80. Its somewhere in between. Expensive... but worth every penny..lol.
  7. wrxinfx

    Few question before I finalized my Fi Q purchase!

    Even though you have your heart set on sealed.. truly consider ported. It will get louder. The impact is sweet and crisp. Just louder with a ported set up. Tune low and you'll be happy. Your quest for loudness will eventually lead to a ported enclosure in the future. I have it fully loaded just without the extra spider. I have no complaints whatsoever.
  8. wrxinfx

    Dust cap?

    As for me, I'd rather own a Kia and "a sleeper" and kill that ferrari on the Highway. Thats why I own an FI..lol. Spanking those dish style Re XXX
  9. wrxinfx

    Dust cap?

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. My Q and BTL move to much to even pay attention to anyways. And if you stare... you might go into convulsions..lol. And like Duran said... AA Havocs may be the good choice for you.
  10. wrxinfx

    Yet another q vs bl

    I love my Q. Tuned low in a small ported box. I recently just let it go and upped the volume. Sugar from Lo rida hits so hard I love it. Although the BL may get louder, the Q handles the low extremely well. No regrets whatsoever.
  11. wrxinfx

    Can Fi X handle 500 watts rms

    I'm running 300 to my 12" X. It is perfect. Does what it needs to do... sounds good.
  12. wrxinfx

    Expect UPS shipping delays

    I just looked at my box in transit. USPS still faster. I got my stuff last week in 4 days to Hawaii via USPS. UPS has had my box for 3 days and its still in the same state it was shipped from. WTF?
  13. wrxinfx

    X series true wattage

    The website states what it states. The Black friday subs are the older versions with what looks like double stacks. Newer versions are single slug like the ssd's and Q's. Variations lead to power differences. Running higher power like everyone says is ok just turn down the gain and not go crazy. It should last. The subs we ordered are the older d4's. Newer versions are single vc... with just a tad bit lower power level. If i'm not mistaken.. the newer versions has the option to add BP which bumps the power level up slightly. In the end... they are close to being equal in wattage.
  14. wrxinfx

    Fi Q Action

    Nice. The Q is awesome isn't it? Similar set up as mine with mine tuned at a lower frequency. My next box is gonna be tuned just like yours.
  15. wrxinfx

    Black FiDay sale up a little early...

    I was debating to get 2 but ended up getting 1 instead. Shipping is gonna kill me. And I'm in the market for an N1 anyway so this is just a temporary fix. Happy Thanksgiving to the entire FI staff. Much Mahalo from the Hawaii crew.