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  1. coobies5

    RIP Shawn Fleming

    RIP Shawn my thoughts are with his family and loved ones
  2. coobies5

    Happy Birthday Bigjon!!!

    happy birthday again!
  3. coobies5

    Your Custom Gaming Rig

    Upgrade my system please! I may try out the ati cards next go around, I've always had nvidia and never tried out ati.....I will however stick to my intel processors....not a amd fan at all
  4. coobies5

    Your Custom Gaming Rig

    Corsair 400r case, seasonic 650w modular psu, i3570k, 8gb corsair vengeance, gtx 580 black ops (got it from a friend because he gave away one of my old cards, pretty nice upgrade!), asrock z77 extreme 4, 128gb ssd + 1tb hd + 2tb external, 24" viewsonic led, logitech 5.1 surround and g400s mouse on steelseries qck cloth. Just hooked my gf up with my old setup, corsair 500r case, evga 750w modular psu, gigabyte mobo, e8400, 4gb corsair, gtx 560 ti (horrible drivers, tons of issues with it), 1tb hd and a super old mx518 mouse that works intermittently. Play csgo, dayz, arma 3, rising storm, watch dogs
  5. coobies5

    CT Sounds

    I've met this guy 4+ years ago and he was clueless about anything audio related. He had 2 DC subs in his car and it sounded like absolute garbage. Definitely staying away from anything he sells.....or gives away for free.....
  6. coobies5

    New Member/The Woodlands, TX Introduction...

    welcome from the ne side
  7. Honestly, for me, it's not a huge difference as one would expect. The enclosure for the 2 12"s (sub up, port sidefiring) wasn't all that great 144's on music with windows down. IIRC with just one xcon in 2.1 cubes @ 32hz (sub up, port up) it played high 142's (different songs and sub positioning) a lot of factors to go into consideration.
  8. Finally went ahead and changed out the amps and removed a sub.......these rf amps are power thirsty gain is only at 3 out of 11 and it's dipping down to 12v's already. (maybe I need to recalibrate my volt meter though) I'll be listing the saz3000d in the next few days (going to hate myself for getting rid of it though)
  9. Looks like a awesome enclosure! I just removed one of my xcon's and downgraded my power, however at times it doesn't seem like it! I love these xcon's
  10. coobies5

    DSS Tridents and Twisted Sounds S-10. Road to 166dBs

    woot! I hear you on the overspray in the garage, when I did my bike it was everywhere.
  11. coobies5

    DSS Tridents and Twisted Sounds S-10. Road to 166dBs

    ooooooh boy, that looks awesome with the white divider!
  12. coobies5

    DSS Tridents and Twisted Sounds S-10. Road to 166dBs

    did you see the chameleon pearls? or the metallics?
  13. coobies5

    Gaming PC Build

    ahhhh, my fan is very noisy for some reason, but it never gets over 35c i have it set to 70% iirc, I may check out the 7 series soon and put the 560 in my old gigabyte and e8400 system.
  14. coobies5

    Gaming PC Build

    You made me upgrade my system...... Kept my existing psu seasonic modular 650w and gtx 560ti (awesome card, but horrible driver issues......after finding out there are really zero stable drivers, i could have kept my existing setup) New corsair 400r case which is awesome! i5 3570K 8gb corsair vengeance asrock z77 extreme 4 I am super happy with this ~$500 upgrade!
  15. damn man, good luck with that one now.