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  1. Props to Javier running sb5 sealed on the dash, and pulling off a 158.5. And it was good to meet more of the ssa crew.
  2. stovebolt6

    Armykyle1's Build

    that pizza was amazing
  3. stovebolt6

    Audio technix deadener.....

    We discovered this at my house. I could. Not get over how soft it got from the heat. Obviously it was a defective batch. But that is not the point. What we have here is an owner not willing to stand behind his product.
  4. stovebolt6

    Ascendant going SSA style?

    This is some old trival bullshit.
  5. stovebolt6

    Air helper spring kit.

    I am currently using them, and they d efinitely help big time. 08 rav4 with three hc2400's a jbl crown 6000gti which is 80lbs about. A large enclosure with two 18's. Car is shy only one inch from original ride height with Max recommended pressure in springs.
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    just a quick shirt trick

    I did not take the time to test for the best track. http://m.youtube.com/index?desktop_uri=%2F&gl=US#/watch?feature=mhee&v=CNOyacZsNMM
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    What's Up From LA

    hello sir welcome. i am in berwick.
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    2ohm DVC parallel = 1.7ohm???

    touch your leads together and see what you read, and subtract that from all your future ohm measurments from speakers
  9. stovebolt6

    8 rli-8's...sneak peak

    somebody has been sitting on a little stash? nice!
  10. stovebolt6

    For sale Powerbass XTA-5000d

    i have one, they are good amps, and reliable. good price too. Good luck with sale.
  11. stovebolt6

    Eclipse titanium 12's

    i am afraid not.
  12. stovebolt6

    Eclipse titanium 12's

    i have run them alot, and still have a 12", and a few 15" if you really want to get them moving they need about 1500rms each. and on the extreme side i have ran over 2krms each . good driver, just make sure your sub sonic filter is set right otherwise the surround will start cracking. box requirments is average to large depending on the power available. out of all the 3hp varations i like that one the most. subsquent varations were tweaked for higher bl.
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    Sundown : New 2012 Stuff

    i just had a small crisis when i read that.
  14. stovebolt6

    Sundown : New 2012 Frames / Parts Thread

    this is some news i have been waiting on from you. excellent.
  15. stovebolt6

    my daily driver

    well made a little of progress, not as much as i prefer, but work has been a little busy. this is my amp, and battery rack, the bottom board will hold all the batteries, and all thread standoffs will support the second level for the amps. the second level is not done, once o make all the holes and such i will carpet it also. this will all fit in the recessed cargo area in the rear. the top board fits the contour tightly and the height from the cover for the recessed cargo hold is tight, so if heat it an issue i already have figured out how i will make a negative pressure cross flow, using an intake on one side. and a row of fans to create the suction.
  16. stovebolt6

    my daily driver

    i never posted this when i first installed it all over a year ago. originally it was supposed too stay small, but that went out the window. so i will just post some of the older photos first just too give an idea of what it was. in the pics i show only one of many different sub stage setups. the original idea was the pdx 1200rms amp that put out rated from 2 to 4 ohms, so i could run at least one of every type of sub i have as i please. this is my ride this was the equipment. this was the most common sub stage i used with the pdx amp, it is a passive setup, i would rotate from the sdx15 pictured, an eclipse 3hp ti, or a tc3000. and this below is were it stands as of now. Well this build has gone through some changes, and i have not kept up with any of it. The last sub stage was two 15" eclipse 3hp ti's, tuned to 30hz on a saz-2000d, with a best score of 144.6db sealed up on the passenger side windshield, at 32hz, and 42hz. While staying above 140db's from 28hz to 63hz. The head unit, pdx 4 channel amp, and a saz 2000d that were last in the vehicle are gone. they were stolen awhile back. So now i am using this opportunity to upgrade. The highs amp for now is a older ppi pc2150, HU for now is an old pioneer i have been hanging onto for years. This weekend if i do not get called out on a job i have my work cut out for me. I have a 320 amp mechman alt to install. finally i will do the big three upgrade. and i will add two more runs of 1 gauge, from front too back equaling two full positive runs, one full ground run, and one solid 1 gauge ground to chassis. I have already started on the battery/amp rack. i currently have one hc2400, and will buy something close to equal to it, and something close too a hc1800 for under the hood. The amp/battery rack will be clean, simple, and completely hide the batteries, and most of the wires. I have fuse holders, fuses, ring terminals, and a second set of boston components for the rear doors, as the ppi when bridging the front doors with the rear doors, is causing the cheap coaxes in the rear too start smoking lol. thought about leaving them out, but really could use the extra output, until i end up getting fed up with them, and do something wild with the front doors. I will actually try to make a consciousness effort to update this with pics.
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    Questions about my 2005 RLp 15 D2

    Tc9+ motor, 3"coil with a 60mm winding width. In a sealed box you should have no issues with 1500rms, as long as you don't clip.
  18. stovebolt6

    Brain storming for substage

    Kyle. If you get to see that fool with the wardens you should spit in his face. If we can find another btl UFO motor I can either build, or I can glue in some factory recones. As far as the motor I have it will just be considered a temporary loan.
  19. stovebolt6

    First day time video with M4a/SSA ZCON's and I float a jacket.

    i am in berwick. maybe one day we can meet up ( no homo) and have a demo.
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    I was in the middle of insulting the spam bot, and a mod deleted the thread. It was going to be epic in a stereotypical white boy way.
  21. stovebolt6

    Now Authorized Boston Acoustics Dealer

    This is good news to me. In the past I have run the Boston pro comps and was very satisfied with them. Now in my daily I am rocking the sc60 comps. Pros wont fit with out using the jigsaw and dremel. Just not wanting to go that far with this ride. Yet!
  22. stovebolt6

    so how was your Vday yesterday ?

    no VD for me
  23. stovebolt6

    armykyle1 is here

    Kyle what's up this is my other home.
  24. stovebolt6

    my daily driver

    Well not gonna get any progress made this weekend. A Guy at work flaked, so now I am driving too Tampa, FL for a few days.
  25. stovebolt6

    my daily driver

    thanks. are you going too sbn? its kind of a far drive for you. if you are going i will be there, and should have the new power, and my 4hp based 15's i built back installed for the show.