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  1. tweak_09

    almani audio

    i know i was just wonderin if any body had heard or seen there drivers perform...?
  2. tweak_09

    almani audio

    specifically there driversss
  3. tweak_09

    almani audio

    does anybody know anything about almani car audio??
  4. tweak_09

    Looking for new subs

    BL's...i just put my buddys 18 in his 04 jeep cherokee...slams and you still get that Sq your lookin for.
  5. more pics of complete install to come later on tonight...
  6. tweak_09

    my SQ boxx

    do you like soundstream subs? i almost baught 2 15 T5's...you think that would have been a good investment?
  7. tweak_09

    TheDukey42's Work Log

    k thanks budd.
  8. tweak_09

    TheDukey42's Work Log

    thanks...yea i kinda figured that wasnt that good of an amp but it was pushing my buddys diamonds when he first baught it so i figured why not just get that amp...and i only payed 130 for it brand new...so not that big of a loss...i'm selling it soon though, i just have a temporary system right now...im adding one more BL and what kind of amp do you recomend on two BL's? and how much did you pay for that opti?
  9. tweak_09

    TheDukey42's Work Log

    the MXA 282...my friend has the same one as me and he is powering 2 15 Diamond audio D9's, he needs a battery though they could hit so much harder. but yea, do you know if that amp is ok?
  10. tweak_09

    TheDukey42's Work Log

    i have a lanzar amp hooked up to my FI bl lol...it does the job for the price.
  11. tweak_09

    quick box build for my Fully loaded BL

    what do you think for a quick build?
  12. can you tell me what you think for another quick build....anything you see that i might want to do or change on my next box??
  13. tweak_09

    quick box build for my Fully loaded BL

    i wasnt complainin...it gets pretty damn low, but then again i dont really know what any other BL's sound like in person cause i'm like the only person around here to have FI in my car other than my friend that just baught an 18 BL who i just built a box for...i still need to install his wireing though...so i dont know how that box sounds yet...tell me what you think of that box too, its posted in build logs as well. it was also a quick build.
  14. was bored soo i made a little box for a 6.5 in sony...just ignore that. another quick build...my buddy wanted everything in his car that day...wireing and headunit put in and this box built, shows im a good friend.
  15. tweak_09

    quick box build for my Fully loaded BL

    i just slapped this together in like an hour...temporary