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  1. Hi everyone! I've been out of "the game" for a little while and figured I'd stop in and say hi and explain why! The red flaps and wheels are a winter setup, don't worry! Car put down 250hp on a Mustang Dyno, which is equivalent to 305hp on a Dyno Jet. MODS: Drivetrain: Kartboy Short Shifter Kartboy Front Shifter Bushings Kartboy Rear Shifter Bushings Kartboy Shift Knob TiC Shift Linkage Bushing TiC Lever Pivot Bushing TiC Tranny Crossmemeber Bushings Group N Transmission Mount Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings Exterior: Rally Armor UR Mud Flaps 17x8.5 GramLight 57c's 245/45/17 Hankook Ventus RS3 General Altimax Arctic (winter tires) LED License Plate Bulbs Muteki Lug Nuts Interior/Electronics: Pioneer Avic x930bt SMY ClusterMaker Gauge Pod AEM Boost Gauge AEM Wideband Gauge AEM Oil Pressure Gauge Monkey Bone Racing Gauge Holder Suspension: Perrin 22mm Rear Sway Bar Perrin 25mm Front Sway Bar Perrin Strut Tower Brace Rallitek HD Front Endlinks Rallitek HD Rear Endlinks Kartboy Solid Rear Endlinks Kartboy Solid Front Endlinks Whiteline Rear Differential Polyurethane Inserts Whiteline Subframe Polyurethane Inserts Whiteline Sway Bar Mount Support (Rear) Engine Bay/Power: WC Lathe Werks Alternator Shroud CNT Racing Cat Back Exhaust Tsuedo 3" Catless Down Pipe AEM Cold Air Intake GrimmSpeed 3-port Electronic Boost Controller Forge Recirculating Bypass Valve Walbro 255LPH Fuel Pump Invidia Equal Length Headers GrimmSpeed Uppipe w/dump tube TiAl MSV 38mm External Wastegate Deatschwerks 1000cc Injectors
  2. ABXX49

    Ryan J's 2011 WRX

    Kartboy Solid Rear Endlinks Kartboy Solid Front Endlinks Whiteline Rear Differential Polyurethane Inserts Whiteline Subframe Polyurethane Inserts Have arrived, and will have pictures up tomorrow after I install!
  3. ABXX49

    Ryan J's 2011 WRX

    I put down a down-payment on a Spearco intercooler as part of a group buy. By June I'll have the new intercooler, equal length header, uppipe and new tune. Hoping for 30-50hp/tq from this next set. I'll keep you guys posted!
  4. ABXX49

    Ryan J's 2011 WRX

    Got the rims powdered this week!
  5. ABXX49

    Ryan J's 2011 WRX

    What generation Evo was it?
  6. ABXX49

    Ryan J's 2011 WRX

    Thanks! All the modding done by myself and friends! As far as the Forge unit being unreliable, I have not read that anywhere. They say the stock BPV is good up to around 20psi, and this Forge unit is rated up to 35psi I believe. The WRX, no matter what, will ever see that kind of pressure.
  7. ABXX49

    Ryan J's 2011 WRX

    I did a set of Hybrid Imagines in a regular Impreza that sounded great given the coaxial setup. I'm thinking of trying out the Unity's in my ride. I don't want to go active this time around.
  8. ABXX49

    Ryan J's 2011 WRX

    Stock is very quiet actually. I have a full 3" exhaust with no cat on it, so when I get on it, it's pretty loud. At idle it's not obnoxious which is real nice.
  9. ABXX49

    Ryan J's 2011 WRX

    Forgot that I have a Pioneer Avix x930bt unit in it also.
  10. ABXX49

    Ryan J's 2011 WRX

    I'm tossing around the idea of doing a nice front stage in the spring, so I figured I'd introduce the car now!
  11. ABXX49

    Ryan J's 2011 WRX

    VF52 turbo! lol The Ranger was nice, and I do miss it, but I'm young, single, and I figure if I'm going to have a car like this, now is the time. After the tune, done by Nate Silveri of TPG Tuning, I'm seeing 16.5psi of boost.
  12. ABXX49

    Favorite supplement

    So I wanna hear what your favorite supplement you have EVER taken was/is. It doesn't matter what type of supplement it was, just your personal favorite. My favorite was BSN no-xplode. It gave me a great energy boost and kept me upbeat during my workout. I did also take NANO Vapor which was ridiculous from my experience. It gave me a huge boost, the downside was it made me sh*t my brains out...haha.
  13. ABXX49

    From: For sale

    UPDATE: I have a Sundown SAX50.4 and 100.2 for sale also now! $175 + shipping each! If anybody really needs pictures, I can take some. I can assure you these things are basically brand new.
  14. ABXX49

    Computer speakers

    This build is going to be for my buddies 2.1 computer set up. The over all goal is to put together something that will sound decent, but for as cheap as possible. Right now we are thinking about picking up a used Onkyo receiver to do all the signal processing, and run the 2 satellites off of that. Also need suggestions for a sub amp to pair with the sub (Sundown SD-1 v2 10"). If anyone thinks this is a bad idea, or has a better way of going about it, let me know. Please! I haven't talked to him in a few weeks, but I think his budget is $400 for everything. $50 is already spent on the SD-1.
  15. the american bass is only a good choice if ur running something like 16 or 18 volts. id say the sundowns. i tried to buy a stetsom about a month ago and had to jump through hoops just to talk to someone. i had 2 different numbers i was a rep and 1 was a number he told me to call. ive had good luck with the 8 ive had plus if u have the voltage the sundowns put out lots more http://www.youtube-nocookie.com/watch?v=4jWF_eRjmG8&feature=related Don't get me wrong, I love my Sundown amps, and have no desire to switch brands...but what did your video prove?
  16. ABXX49

    Suggestions for help with painting welcome!

    Is the enamel paint compatible with the automotive paint?
  17. ABXX49

    car for subs

    Every car can benefit from the Big3 and the sound dampener.
  18. ABXX49

    Amp Racks

    Here's mine!
  19. ABXX49

    1500bd vs Dual 4ohm

    Wiring series or parallel is going to give you a different load on your amplifier. If you have a 1 ohm load, your amplifier is able to put out more power due to a lower resistance. No pro's or con's for the actual wiring, just gives you options on how you can hook them up.
  20. ABXX49

    Ryan J's build log

    Okay, a few weeks turned into a few months. I found some Peerless HDS tweeters used on here. So instead of the ScanSpeak HDS, I'll just have the Peerless name on them. I also ordered my Seas ER18RNX's mids! Everything should be here by next weekend, so look for updates then!
  21. ABXX49

    Ryan J's build log

    It starts tonight.
  22. should have some Peerless HDS and Seas ER18RNX's by next weekend!!!

  23. ABXX49

    12in fi bl enclosure

    I had that done in a paint booth with automotive grade paint. It turned out great, but at a cost. Rattle can is your only option really, as roll on paint won't give you what you want. Rattle can is still going to be really tough. You get what you pay for.
  24. ABXX49

    Argent Audio Store Up and Running!

    Congrats Andrew! Great step!