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  1. windex_tundra

    Orphan 8's Need a Home!

    Patiently waits.............................
  2. windex_tundra

    What are the plans for the RL-i8 ?

    Are there any plans for a new rl-i8, or even to start production of the old one? I know i'm not the only person interested in this information as i see lots of people inquire about them on the different forums. -v
  3. windex_tundra

    Any interest in a single RL-i8?

    I'll buy it.. -v
  4. windex_tundra

    Orphan 8's Need a Home!

    <<<-- I'm looking for some rl=i8 's . I'd like 2, but settle for 1. ..-v
  5. windex_tundra

    Logo Design Contest

    Sorry I've been out for a while, very busy with work and life in general. I'll be contacting you via email soon with the original file.
  6. windex_tundra

    Logo Design Contest

    Sorry i've been busy. I will contact you via email email with the source files for this logo. So glad I won.. -v
  7. windex_tundra

    Logo Design Contest

    Nice, I can supply the Original hi-res psd or jpg if/when needed. -v
  8. windex_tundra

    Logo Design Contest

    Everything is 100% editable, change colors, text style, size and ofcourse make transparent. I've been somewhat busy but I will make some more. Good luck... -v
  9. windex_tundra

    Logo Design Contest

    Thats the Idea behind the Fist, "Pound it" . Gives a cool, hip feel. Its what most ppl think of when they hear "Pound", a fist. Then the other Fist is supposed to be pounding the logo down. -v
  10. windex_tundra

    Logo Design Contest

    Made a few, Clean look which can be used for all media. -v
  11. windex_tundra

    RBG and US AMPS decal

    I didn't get neither with my AX5600 either. hmmm.. Flako, any chance you could help me out too...
  12. windex_tundra

    How do you run your Polly's ?

    Good SQ driver correct ? I'm wondering about a softdome tweeter to pair them with, Not looking for a harsh tweeter something warm and clear.
  13. windex_tundra

    How do you run your Polly's ?

    So I hear that the Polly's are some awesome drivers. So I was thinking about using them with a nice set of tweeters with an x-over. Questions is, how do you run yours passive ? What would be a good tweater to use and a good x-over. Are they a good SQ driver ? I am building a SQ setup.