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  1. Figured this was the best place to put this. Ok so serious question. What would u do with 100k tax free american dollars? For those of you in america. Sorry guys in other countrys. However if you want to do the money change over to a equivalent amount for you i'd still like to hear your input. Thanks everyone. This should be interesting. After we get a few answers or pages i'll let you know why i'm asking. If this doesn't get any attention by tomorrow i'll post up whats up and why i'm askin early
  2. bigtoepfer

    What would you do with 100k tax free dollars?

    @///M5 Its nice to see you haven't changed though.
  3. bigtoepfer

    What would you do with 100k tax free dollars?

    yea that was a blast from the past. HAHA.
  4. Its been awhile since I posted. But I'm back in the stereo business now. And the shop here sold someone a Power Acoustic "CAPCELL" 800-amp. 2 months ago. She came in today and her woofers basically sounded like they were crying. She thought they were blown. I crawled in and looked and the Capcell was displaying 8.24v and when it would hit would drop as low as 6.96v some time. Basically I don't have any experience with capacitors because I dislike them. But this is a hybrid so I wonder how can I recharge it. Just hook it on a battery charger for a few hours? The system is a SPL GRLA5500.1 on CVX154ohm x 2 http://www.poweracoustik.com/pa2006/product_AUDIO_addon_CAPSELL.htm Thats the link to the capacitor. Its the 800amp. Thanks for any help guys. I know that its best to throw away and replace with a HC-800 Kinetik. But the customer isn't looking forward to spending more money. LOL.
  5. so update on the situation. She came back and i check under the hood sure enough blown fuse. But it was only 150amp. So I upgraded it up 200amp and replaced the capcell back in and its beatin down the block again. voltage at a steady 14.6v unless she hits a few good notes then the lowest it dropped was about 12.7v Its loud too. So she's happy
  6. my thoughts exactly. I'll "adjust" the amp. My only worry is that she jammed it for too long on low voltage and burnt a woofer. Hopefully this isn't the case
  7. yeah boards are the same on both PA and SPL. We'll see what happens tomorrow when she comes back. I'm praying its a blown fuse or something. So i can put this stuff back together and see her leave. And hope things work for her and she doesn't come back
  8. the amp has 5 40amp fuses on it. So it might pull 200 amps on a good day. These amps much like power acoustic are way over rated. The do put out well if you don't expect much. It will beat those two CVXs pretty well. But I agree with that you are saying. She needs a better charging system. But the customer I deal with here is "ghetto" for lack of a better word. They care about the fact that the amp says 5500 on it. Not if it actually puts it out or not. She'll never pay to upgrade the system. At best I might be able to convince her to pick up a small Shuriken or Kenetic that we have here.
  9. AMP: GRLA5500.1 http://www.splusa.net/AMP_GORILLA.html 2ga Power wire factory 2001 expedition alt. CAPCELL-800 with 2 runs of 4 ga power going to the amp 2 runs 4ga ground for the amp. Kicker CVX 15s 4 ohm x 2 ported box.
  10. PA says you can charge them on a 12v charger shouldn't need more than say 20 mins or so. He said that indeed sometimes the display can be off. But I can't find my meter. So I'll find it and test it later. I didn't check when she was here because I had alot going on but I'm suspecting that her fuse under the hood is bad. So I'll check that tomorrow when she comes back.
  11. I didn't think to test her battery. Her problem is i believe this thing charges more like a battery than a cap. She only drives back and forth to work, and jams on the way there. She never drives a long distance to let the damn thing charge. I called PA earlier today buy no techs were in thanks for reminding me about to call them back
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    SAX100.4 problem

    What would cause and amp to automatically pop all 3 fuses when the ground and power and hooked on. Like as soon as the power is put on the fuses blow. I just took the amp out of my car. It was working wonderfully. Put it in a friends truck today and this is the problem we are having. Please advise. thanks
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    incriminator honda crv

    WOW thats amazing. Major props.
  14. bigtoepfer

    15" Death Row enclosure, in a Honda Fit hatchback

    Fits don't really rattle oddly enough. The hatch doesn't rattle and neither does the liscence plate. They move ALOT but don't rattle. now the point where the windsheild meets the roof is going to flex ALOT. So my rearview mirror used to slap against the windsheild from time to time. Usually it would just fall straight off. So yeah be prepared for that. When i had the 18 the box came up to the windows with the woofer upfiring and port side firing. And i had to keep the back seats laid down lemme see if i can find a pic. thats the first pic i could dig up. I was actually considering doing two right behind the front seats and use the box for the whole back end. Just with my 4 channel my lights dim. I have an Optima and all 1/0 wiring. When it comes comes to H/O Alts tho the fits CPU limits the alt to 100amp output. So you would need to find a way around that. One of my buddys has a build on a fit that he had ohio generators rebuild his stock alt to put out 120 amps
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    15" Death Row enclosure, in a Honda Fit hatchback

    U gots a fit? u puttin it behind the back seat? what kind of charging system you have in the car? I had a death row 18 in my fit not too long ago on a PDX1000.1 I've been considering a DP12 But lately i stripped out most of my system.
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    Specs for MT 12"s

    I've always been under the impression that these are not DD subs. Strictly for burping and competition, because of their design. Perhaps i was miss informed?
  17. bigtoepfer

    SAX100.4 problem

    honestly i think it was hooked up backwards too. But its ok they are paying for their mistake.
  18. bigtoepfer

    SAX100.4 problem

    I had already left when they were installing it. So i don't know what they did or didn't do. I just got a phone call saying my amp was messed up. When i knew it wasn't. I think if anything it was something they did whilst installing it
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    New Shirts - IA Downfall Series

    I didn't think it could get more awesome than those shirts with the blue skull on the side. But this. Amazing. Definitly gonna have to get me one of these.
  20. bigtoepfer

    OK, cash in pocket.. what to do.

    I'd probably just go with the 4 DP 18s
  21. bigtoepfer

    RE MT 10"

    from what my rep told me these are not for daily because of the design. Your best bet would probably be a SX.
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    ~~ SSA Protoype super8 ~~

    Yeah can't wait on these.
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    jl w6 comparison to a death row

    don't know if you know what 140+ sounds like. But i had a DR 18 with a blown coil. And just for chits and giggles i threw together a box and we put it on a meter with 1 coil and a quick htz sweep. And hit 145.9 I know a 15 in a good box with a solid 1000 watts will do that at least
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    I'm sure the woofer is jammin. But you can really give them DR woofers 1k daily. I was and it was SLAMMIN. SO i'd say yeah give it some more.
  25. bigtoepfer

    Warden Series Release - May 1st

    Can't wait. Looking good nick. I know big things are coming. Congrats