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  1. Sub box size help? Can’t make a decision

    Could anyone from ssa please get ahold of me. No one is returning my emails and phone calls...
  2. Sub box size help? Can’t make a decision

    Was pretty set on the zcon but can’t get ahold of ssa either through email or phone. Unfortunately.
  3. I’m looking at fitting 2 15s in my back seat. Does anyone have any experience with the hdc4 and the ssa zcon. Trying to figure which will want more or less box size. Heading towards the less side for overall fitment purposes. Can’t decide between the 2 subs. Price is close to them just not sure what to go with. I’ve only owned a sundown x15 and 18. So don’t have to much to compare to. Also will be playing hip/hop music as a daily. With a soundqubed 3500 and adding another later down the road.
  4. Contact page down

    That link works, thanks.
  5. Contact page down

    I'm needing to get ahold of someone to talk about an order.
  6. SSA Black Friday, now Live!

    Awesome! Thanks
  7. SSA Black Friday, now Live!

    How much are the zv4 15s going for?
  8. #7065 pending?

    Ok sent you one.
  9. #7065 pending?

    Ordered awhile ago. It says arrival was September 30th. Wondering why it says pending. Figured it would have atleast been shipped by now.
  10. Box tuning help

    Ill have to check it out. Thanks!
  11. Box tuning help

    Or can someone point in a direction on how to build a box. Just trying learn.
  12. Box tuning help

    I'm going to be selling my rockford t1 15 but I'm going to build a new box for it. My current one is tuned to 38hz which is probably why my lows aren't to good. I want to try tuning it to 32hz unless someone has a better recommendation. This is the box I have right now - http://imageshack.us/a/img828/4849/imagesyn.jpg I want to keep the height the same, but knock the depth about 2-3inchs if possible, and my width can be bigger. I'm not very understanding of port size and how to get that tuning/and get the cubes it needs with the different size port.
  13. Build set up opinions

    Ya I think I'm pretty set on crescendo for my amp. The lowest I've heard is 2 new rf t1 15s off a planet audio amp with no electrical upgrades in a trailblazer and that shit got low... So I'm guessing no matter what with 4 15s, 3 18s whatever it is it'll get lower then that. I was looking at the x line and saw there only 100 more then the sa's so that might change things... If its really worth it. The electrical isn't done yet but I am for sure doing that. I've never thought about doing 18s. Never heard one, never seen one. So idk haha I have a 2005 f150 crewcab. So 3 x 18s would get louder then 415s sa's. there pretty much the same price for either the 4 sa or 3 x. How would the sound I'd get from the 18 vs a 15. Sorry I've just never heard an 18...
  14. Build set up opinions

    @polish. No I haven't looked into box building yet. Im not quite sure what would work best I've never built a 4th order. More input would be awesome! @truconcept I think im gonna go with the 6 sa15s with a bc5500d. But I was looking into the new X line of subs that sundown has and if I went that route id only do 4 X 15s on the bc5500
  15. Build set up opinions

    Just bought another truck to mess around with and looking into doing a blowthrough. I figured if I'm doing a blowthrough I wanted to do 4 15s. I'm gonna purchase a h/o alt of course. My first option is 4 sundown sa 15s running off of a crescendo bc3500d or a sundown saz 2500d. Looking to only spend about $800 on the amp. Would the crescendo out do the saz for the same dollar pretty much? 2nd option was to get a lil louder. 4 sundown zv4 15s running off of 2 crescendo bc3500d or 2 saz 2500d. Or would that not be enough power to call it good? Would the much higher power subs My question is with the power I'm thinking of giving the 2 options what would be more ideal. I want it loud... I just don't want to get the 4 sa's and want louder... The sundown sa route is def more in the price range that id like to pay also. Edit. 3rd option would be 6 sa 15s so 3600rms they would need. So either the bc3500 or the bc5500 if they would take the more power.