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  1. It’s been a good run for me but after the last couple years I’v realized that I got nothing left for the hobby.....i’v been more into spending my spare time with my family with no more interest in taking on any more  projects.. not even local



    I’m officially done , I have no further plans on building anything car audio related unless it is for myself my wife or my kids....my current system build will be my last 

    And this will be my last post on SSA 

    take care .....   Trev 




  2. Here's a before pic of the amp rack....

    the enclosure completely covers 80% of the area , the fans along the back and the extra fans on the Mosconi is what it took to keep it cool during the summer heat , with this new enclosure having an extra 1.5" of space underneath I think I can ditch the extra fans on the amp


    i have to clean it up and make a space somewhere for the cross block 



  3. I thought about the $$$ and even said to myself  " this is stupid "  but I heard the Focal #6 kit with cross block and it was just unreal ... this #7 kit should be Just sick

    i never would have gone FOCAL subs if it wasn't for the Audiofrogs committing suicide .... it was a domino effect 


    just waiting for the snow to lay off so I can start the pillar pods  for the utopia mids and tweets , the enclosure needs cosmetics and the wiring in this system is a cluster fk of colors from my last 3 systems so it's getting a complete re wire


    The amp rack needs some fiberglassing around the cooling fans 


  4. these subs are really starting to impress me , very punchy . tight and accurate 

    with the combination of subs and amp this is the best sounding bass I have had in a while... VERY HAPPY


    my component set showed up this morning.......  if they sound as good as the subs I'm in for a treat :phatyo:

    these things are going to be bi amped with a pair of Soundstream REF2.640's thru the crossblock





  5. I think I'll finish this enclosure... very happy

    Well I have to say I was kind of disappointed with the Audiofrog's at first


    untill I got them into this enclosure... WOW

    what an amazing difference , they are not a sub you can use to communicate with whales but VERY musical and that Mosconi Zero One has unreal woofer control... good combination

    I'm glad because I was ready to turf them 

    next the interior is getting stripped for sound deadening and I still have to make pods for the Focal Utopia #7 component kit as well as a bunch of fiberglassing and re wiring of the amp rack

  6. 9 hours ago, ManzKea said:

    Is it going in the same vehicle, if so what were your goals in creating this enclosure over the other. 

     this is my first run with these subs... they didn't really take to the flat tuned enclosure


    this new enclosure is tuned 3 hz higher  ... the rear firing port will increase output 

    ...I have 7 fans circulating air under the enclosure and the 1 1/2" of space below this one will allow more

    air to cool the amps