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  1. chrismcdonald12

    DEMO with DR.SUBWOOFER !!!!!!!! EPIC&#

    wow, did he have no clue you were mocking him? LOL
  2. chrismcdonald12

    SSA Dcons?

    Judging from what ive seen ide say maybe RE-SE's or a lesser power FI-Q.
  3. Ok so heres the deal, futureshop has a 1000W RMS MTX amplifier on for 200 bucks, i plan on buying 2 of them if they are any good. They are fused at 120 amps and look clean. Any thoughts on mtx?
  4. chrismcdonald12

    2 15 fi btl fully loaded box in 96 chevy 1500 ext cab.

    The power your looking to run you will definately need atleast 2 batteries and 3 would be better. One under the hood and 1-2 out back depending on the size of them all. The back of that truck with the rear seat removed will give enough space for even two 18's depending on box height that your willing to work with perhaps even walling it.
  5. chrismcdonald12

    Is this a good setup (Please help)

    The MD1D is on par with kicker and way better then hifonics IMO... A SPL number will be hard pressed to guess without a complete pile of information and then its still up to the install and a bit of luck... lol Although i dont own a BL i read tons of times that it can handle that much power without risk if the gains are adjusted without clipping for all day use as long as the enclosure is made correctly. Most music you hear wont have notes below 30 so porting to 35HZ would be perfect once you factor in cabin gain.
  6. chrismcdonald12

    Counter Strike Source

    Play competitvely currently in cal... In game name is jager and steam accnt is dickfaceowned. Add me up if you wanna frag some ppl sometime.
  7. chrismcdonald12

    Anybody OC their PC?

    The shell you refer to is called a heat spreader. Intel uses them to prevent their cores from being crushed whereas older AMD chips are exposed. Temps were checked after playing TF2 for a little while.
  8. chrismcdonald12

    Anybody OC their PC?

    Apperently mines readin an average of the two cores so maybe you shouldnt keep assuming. My temps hit a max of 41C on either core according to your program i downloaded. What you dont realise is that the heat spreader might be located a little closer on my revision then the average too. Im not as un-informed as you may think as well... Studied computer engineering at Guelph U in ontario Im not trying to be a pompous ass, so please dont take it that way. If anyone here needs help or insight towards problems their having or help with OC'ing or whatnot feel free to ask. May be young but ive been doing this sort of thing since my 386 days.
  9. chrismcdonald12

    Anybody OC their PC?

    asus probe, stock voltage hes volting. God people all assume every chip is built equal. Stepping and luck play a big role.
  10. chrismcdonald12

    Anybody OC their PC?

    lesser cores with higher clocks tend to win in any real world situations these days such as gaming and whatnot as nothing is truly optimised even to use quad cores properly.
  11. chrismcdonald12

    Anybody OC their PC?

    Stock voltage on my cpu is just a tad under 1.2v so thats the diff. The e8400 is the most temperature efficient core intel has atm because of its new 45nm process. My 06 result at only 3.6 ile test higher later
  12. chrismcdonald12

    Anybody OC their PC?

    core temps. all i have is 3dmark 03,and 06.
  13. chrismcdonald12

    Anybody OC their PC?

    hehe radeon 4850 stock speeds. CSS ive clipped over 1300 fps in spots. Yay.
  14. chrismcdonald12

    Anybody OC their PC?

    e8400 at 4.2... forgot stock voltage and air cooling. Max temps hitting 38c.
  15. chrismcdonald12

    what can prevent this from happening

    try using hood pins all around it, like 10 of them as they apply pressure to hold it down more evenly