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  1. if im doing a sheet metal ground thats what i do too. the reason you put it through the terminal itself is to keep it from moving. makes it a solid ground. i usually use 2 in the hole and 1 in the terminal itself. most daily setups dont need much more than that because they never really have enough current to make a difference.
  2. 2000LaDe

    Single Sa-15 box tuned to 31hz

    got it installed. sounds amazing for no more than what it is. car needs deadener BAD though but man oh man this 200.4 is BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. 2000LaDe

    Single Sa-15 box tuned to 31hz

    maybe if i get off my ass tomorrow ill hook up the 200.4 and install this.
  4. decided to try an sa15 out powered by channels 3 and 4 bridged on my 200.4. 900-1000 watts roughly. this box is 3.8 cube after displacement with a single 6" aero 17.5" long tuned to 31ish hz lol. 17x31x17 is the dimensions. not shooting for huge numbers just wanted to throw something in my gas saver daily driver. 1991 civic hatch behind the seats. so ill still have full function of my rear seats. eventually ill buy a round over bit to round over all the edges but right now this is where its at. not sure how long ill be using the box cuz im sure someone local will decide to buy it just like every other box i seem to build haha.
  5. 2000LaDe

    160.3db at 30hz behind C pillar -- SA-10s

    thanks man. still not wherei want it to be
  6. people just dont comprehend how sundown tests their products before they ship out the door to make sure there is 0 problems with them.
  7. 2000LaDe

    160.3db at 30hz behind C pillar -- SA-10s

    A man can only hope haha
  8. 2000LaDe

    160.3db at 30hz behind C pillar -- SA-10s

    6.0L DC Power 270xp and DC Power 390xp. Stock 4g AUX alternator... yes 3 alternators you heard me correct. waiting on the bracket and the 390 and whatever dc is going to make me to be able to use both dc alts to charge at 17.9v. anything else?